Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blimey, luv, it’s...

...the Queen! Almost 300 times! In Canada! And she’s a vision of loveliness in pale yellow, and pale blue, and aquamarine, and lavender, and bright red, and green, and white! And Prince Philip is in some of the pictures! And there are nearly 100 photographs of Prince Harry! He came to New York! And fell off his horse! And went to a baseball game! And there are a couple of photos of Princess Beatrice of York, Prince Andrew’s daughter, in there too! Oh, and even some of Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla.

So click here to find Waldo Carmen San Diego your favorite royal.

And keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking...


  1. She wears the most remarkable hats.

    I thought the photo of her in shade was pretty funny.

  2. Coincidently I read today in the top UK newspaper, The Sun, that the Royal Family now cost each UK citizen a mere 62 pence a year, compared to 69p last year.
    I ask you where in the US can you get cheaper entertainment than that?!

  3. The nightmare of all women, turning up somewhere and finding out you're not the only one wearing that particular outfit. Imagine the horror when she discovered literally everyone was wearing the same white coat!
    Love the hats.
    She's a tough old cookie!

    And Philip is quite famous for the things he says. Sometimes rather inappropriate, to say the least.


  4. I came, I clicked, I saw. All 371. I liked her hats! My daughter says she looks like someone's nice Grandmother.

  5. Be careful and afraid. As a loyal subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I have been charged with scouring the Internet to locate the perpetrators of any negative or mocking comments about her. Punishments will include The Rack, boiling oil and beheading. Long Live The Queen!