Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grey hairs? Zits? Notches on the bedpost?

Jinksy has 158.
Snowbrush out in Oregon has 149.
Grumpy Old Ken has 98.
Carolina in Nederland has 72.
Jeannelle of Iowa has 60.
Pat, an Arkansas stamper, has 51.
Vonda on her little egg farm has 46.
Katherine in New Zealand has 44.

Daphne and Lord Pudding and Silverback in England, Putz in Utah, Reamus in southern California, Ruth Hull Chatlien in northern Illinois, and Tracie down in Florida don’t keep track.

Dr. John didn’t when he was alive. I’m not saying that he does now that he is dead. I don’t know what I’m saying exactly.

I have 35.

I’m talking about followers.

On his television program the other night David Letterman reported that Ashton Kucher has 14,000,000 of them on Twitter.

Talk about your wretched excess.

I would now like to give a shout out to readers of blogs everywhere (this means you), even if you are not an official “follower” of anybody. Without you, where would bloggers be? I’ll tell you where we would be: sitting in front of our computer screens with egg on our faces, that’s where.

So to all of you readers, lurkers, and blog junkies of the world, click here to hear a song that will inspire you to even greater heights.


  1. i just love the lettermen singing try to remember,and i have two big zits on my left shoulder, oh weren't we talking about zits????????i wouldn't have notches on my bed posts, very very few conquests in the bedroom

  2. how come grumpy old ben has 98 followers and you have onlt 35????????

  3. Putz (comment 1), TMI.

    Putz (comment 2), people like him better than they like me. Of course, he lives in England where people are veddy polite (except at soccer matches), and I am here in the U.S. where the social niceties are often harder to come by.

  4. Putz,, P.S. it's grumpy old KEN, not grumpy old BEN, for crying out loud.

  5. Actually, it's 159! LOL ! They keep coming out of the woodwork...

  6. I don't have any. My Dad never had any either. Funny

  7. Except for you and three others, my followers are all paid, so they takes some of the specialness out of it. Actually, it takes ALL of the specialness out of it. Sometimes, I think I should be getting more for my money. Most of them don't even come around unless their checks are late.

    I love the Lettermen.

  8. P.S. Since Jinksy pointed out that you're short one on her tally, I'll just HAVE to point out that you're short one on mine too. I wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise. Not me.

  9. I used to have 52; as of a few minutes ago, I had only 50. Did someone call out "abandon ship?" or did one of mine go to Jinksy, and the other to Snowbrush?

    Such are the vicsisitudes of life!

  10. People must be being inspired by your entreaty to 'follow, follow, follow' because I have 45 now. Not that I would have mentioned it if Jinksy and Brian and snowbrush hadn't mentioned theirs...

  11. Gee, but everyone's blogs are just becoming spiffier and spiffier looking. I can but hope they won't mess with the old templates because mine suits me.

    Katherine said: "Not that I would have mentioned it if Jinksy and Brian and snowbrush hadn't mentioned theirs... "

    Yes, but we didn't do so out of pride but for ethical, aesthetic, and humanitarian reasons, and THAT makes all the difference.

  12. Well, they apparently did mess with the old templates because I can't seem to go back to my original format, which I would like to do even though some people say they like my blog's new look, and actually I like it too, but it's the principle of the thing. I was just checking out what the new formats were like and found I could not return to my original format.

    P.S. - Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I don't mean to imply that I want to go back to my original format. I was referring to my blog and its original format.

  13. I don't know why 14 million people would follow anyone.

  14. That song inspired me to go hang myself, so I quickly clicked on the little red cross and they disappeared just in time. Phew!
    Sometimes I think it would be better not to keep track of the 'followers'. Every time one disappears I need therapy. But on the other hand, every time one is gained, we have champagne.
    Oh, and it's not the quantity that counts; it's the quality. I might add that you have some of the very best ;-)