Thursday, January 13, 2011

That Live Traffic Feed thingy over there in the other column -- not me, silly, further down --

...has gone berserk, or whatever the inanimate object equivalent of berserk is. Kablooey, maybe. For over a week now, almost every visitor to this blog has been shown as going to a single post of mine called “And now, for a complete change of pace, here’s...” which I put together back on September 13,2010. It contained a video that is six minutes, 55 seconds long in which a woman named Gladys Hardy in Austin, Texas, talks to comedian Ellen DeGeneres on the telephone. It also contained a photograph of Alfalfa, the child actor, and one of alfalfa, the plant, the reasons for which became clear only to those who actually watched the six-minute, 55-second-long video of the woman named Gladys Hardy in Austin, Texas, talking to comedian Ellen DeGeneres on the telephone. I was just trying to be helpful.

I think Feedjit’s Live Traffic Feed thingy has finally lost its marbles.

If any of you think I have lost my marbles, however, you have another think coming.

Just click here and you’ll see. They’re all present and accounted for.

And if you look closely, you may find some of Gladys Hardy’s marbles in there, too.


  1. I clicked on the marble's link thinking it was a picture of you. It was a picture of marbles!

    Rhymes, post a recent picture of yourself! Nobody cares WHAT you look like, but some of your friends (more of them than just me, no doubt) really would like to see what you look like. Now, I know you've posted family photos now and again, and you just might be in one of them, but I want to see you NOW every time I visit your blog. Sure, you were cute when you were a little boy. We were ALL cute when we were little boys! But I daresay that you're pretty cute now too, even if you don't think so.

    In keeping with my own advice, I just put a very recent and very close-up photo of me on my blog.

  2. I must be psychic! I dreamed of Chinese Checkers (CC) last night, and here you are, posting about marbles! I no longer own a CC board, but I'm going to look for one. Then, when I lose MY marbles, I know where to go to find more. Whodathunk that Moon Marble Company would have so many different sorts and sizes of marbles?

  3. Cattywampus.
    The equivalent of an inanimate object going beserk.

  4. Snow, I have decided to acquiesce to your pitiful pleading and put a recent picture of myself on my blog. Actually, it's a picture of Mrs. RWP and me taken last summer.

    Pat, another coincidence absolutely out of left field is the fact and that I didn't notice before is that I linked to the MOON MARBLE COMPANY! I mean, you posted your photo of the moon on your blog, I responded in your comments section with a link to a video of Bea Arthur singing "The Man in the Moon Is A Lady" in your comments section, and now, of all the marble companies in all the world, I walked into this one! Do you happen to be eating a Moon Pie and drinking an RC Cola at the moment?

  5. Mimi, to me, cattywampus means "askew" or "in disarray" but I don't know if it applies to Feedjit's Live Traffic Feed thingy....

  6. " I have decided to acquiesce to your pitiful pleading"

    Oh, but why did force me to degrade myself so?

    It was time to update, don't you think? When people put such old photos on their blogs, it's as if they're trying to place themselves in another era in their reader's imaginations. Or so it seems to me.

  7. P.S. You look younger and trimmer than I had imagined.

  8. In the side photo, poor Miss Ellie! A lifetime with the Cantankerous Canton Cad! No wonder she's sitting down! The beard gives you a hint of Vincent Van Gogh. The likeness would be even closer if you could just slice an ear off for your loyal readers. It's the least you can do sir.
    Quote from Snowbrush:- "You look younger and trimmer than I had imagined." Do NOT let Miss Ellie see that! She'd take Snowbrush out in a flash.

  9. Another Presidential quotation for your collection:-
    "...make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." - Barack Obama, Tucson Jan 12th 2011

  10. YP, I ain't slicing an ear or anything else off, I don't care how loyal a reader you are. Straighten up, man! Don't you need to go to Thailand or something?

    But all suggestions are carefully considered, and your call is important to us.

  11. Snow, I'm not trying to place myself in another era. I am in another era. The world has passed me by, I'm afraid, this blog notwithstanding.

  12. To Whom It May Concern:

    It's amazing how many comments you can seem to have when you write half of them yourself.

    Go thou and do likewise.

  13. I know little to nothing of pop culture, which means that even famous (or more often infamous) names are often unknown to me. I do have some knowledge of more important people and events, Rhymes, and I suspect you do too. Between some remembered world from 60 years ago, and the world today, I daresay that you are more a resident of today's world.