Saturday, February 5, 2011

Psssst! Wanna see something better than The Game Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned For Fear Of Copyright Infringement*?

Here, courtesy of the Monty Python troupe, is:

The International Philosophy Bowl

*For readers outside the U.S., the NFL (National Football League) recently copyrighted the words that look a little like Superb Owl. Most fans think this move is ridiculous, as the annual game being played today in Arlington, Texas, will be Superb Owl number 45,
so to speak. I would never be so gauche as to refer to it as the Super Bowel.


  1. The NFL need have no worries that I'll be infringing on their copy right. I've heard of some ridiculous things in my life, but this 'issue' is close to the top of the list. Ye gods and little fishes!

    I enjoyed the Monty Python video.

  2. Excellent! I haven't seen this skit, and there aren't many Python skits in that category.
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for that link. I hadn't seen this of Monty Python. Great fun.

  4. dose not diminish the excitement of the super bowl for me, nice try bob, but i think i shall still get with it regards the super bowl

  5. Wonderful - think I'll post this clip too, as football (soccer) seems to be taking over the world recently - thank God for Egyptians or we would hear about little else on TV.