Thursday, February 3, 2011

Senior Moments: The Musical

Pam Peterson, the woman in this video (3:02), is far too young to have experienced personally what she is singing about, but she does an excellent job of describing in song what has become for many of us our normal daily routine.

Here are some notes for viewers outside the USA:

1. “Soldier’s Field” refers to a once-huge football stadium in Chicago. Before it was rebuilt as a smaller venue, it could hold 123,000 spectators.
2. “Whole Foods” is a chain of upscale supermarkets that specializes in supposedly healthful and organically-raised products.
3. “Ginkgo Biloba” is a substance derived from a plant that is thought to improve the memory.
4. “too many ’ludes” refers to Quaalude, a mind-altering drug popular in North America in the sixties and seventies. For the record, I never took any.

If you didn’t understand all the references in the song the first time, go back and watch it again!

P.S. - When adding the Notes, I didn’t watch the video again; I relied on my memory. When I watched the video a second time, I noticed, as will the sharp-eyed and sharp-eared among you, that the Notes had occurred to me in exactly the reverse order they appear in the song’s lyrics. The first thing I remembered was the last thing I had heard, then I remembered the next-to-last thing, and so on. Note 4, which I didn’t add until twelve hours after the first three notes, occurred earliest in the video. This phenomenon (remembering things in reverse order of their occurrence) may not be peculiar to me, but I have modestly decided (and yes, that is a split infinitive) to call it Rhymeswithplague Syndrome.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I just watched the video all the through and can't remember a thing about it.

Pat - Arkansas said...

A split infinitive? Horrors.

I no longer split wood, but I continue to split infinitives, I'm sure.

rhymeswithplague said...

Y.P., out of sight, out of mind....

Pat, I know a blogger called splitcat, but I haven't asked for details....