Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A capital offense, or where in the world is Carmen San Dirhymeswithplague?

I thought I knew something about geography, but a list of the capital cities of the world left me humbled. Of the first 46 cities from a list arranged alphabetically (which turn out to be all the ones starting with A or B), how many can you match to their countries without having to resort to looking them up?

1. Abu Dhabi
2. Abuja
3. Accra
4. Adamstown
5. Addis Ababa
6. Algiers
7. Alofi
8. Amman
9. Amsterdam
10. Andorra la Vella
11. Ankara
12. Antananarivo
13. Apia
14. Ashgabat
15. Asmera
16. Astana
17. Asunción
18. Athens
19. Avarua
20. Baghdad
21. Baku
22. Bamako
23. Bandar Seri Begawan
24. Bangkok
25. Bangui
26. Banjul
27. Basseterre
28. Beijing
29. Beirut
30. Belfast
31. Belgrade
32. Belmopan
33. Berlin
34. Bern
35. Bishkek
36. Bissau
37. Bogotá
38. Brasilia
39. Bratislava
40. Brazzaville
41. Bridgetown
42. Brussels
43. Bucharest
44. Budapest
45. Buenos Aires
46. Bujumbura

I managed to come up with slightly more than half. I hang my head in shame.

The answers will appear later, as if by magic.


  1. I managed slightly less than half, so a poor mark for me. My favourite though is Antananarivo, a place I've always wanted to visit since reading Flashman's Lady by George Macdonald Fraser.

  2. S.P., my new favorite is Ulaanbaatar, a word I heard for the first time last Saturday on our car radio during a program called Sez You. I don't think I had an old favorite.

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  4. Hmmm. My knowledge of A-B capital cities is sorely lacking! I identified less than half. Shame, shame on me!

  5. much much mcuh more than half, yep