Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don’t look back or you might turn into a pillar of salt

Now that we are an entire week -- yes, kiddies, seven whole days -- into this, the happiest of all possible happy new years, I want to introduce you to Dave Barry’s Year In Review: The 2011 Festival of Sleaze so that you can laugh as hard as I did.

So there’s the link up there in the previous paragraph. I’m a man of my word.

The article is five pages long but unfortunately you will not be able to see pages three, four, and five unless you BECOME A SUBSCRIBER, FOR FREE, of the website of The Washington Post. Dave’s article is so hilarious that I recommend that you take the time to do just that (you will be given an opportunity after you finish reading the first two pages) so that you can read what Dave Barry wrote about the entire year 2011 and not just the first couple of months. When you apply, you can lie about your birth date if you like. No one cares.

We do what we can for your reading enjoyment, but there are some things you must do for yourself.

Here is Today’s Question From the field of science and industry:

Would Katherine Graham have thought this was any way to run
a railroad?

One of these is a photo of Katherine Graham and one is not.


Katherine said...

I didn't really understand most of this post... I guess I haven't paid enough attention to American politics this year. So, sorry Robert; I won't be making any comment.

Carolina said...

I'll hazard a guess: the feisty looking lady in the black & white photo is Katherine Graham. I have no idea who she is and what she does, and to be really honest, I don't really care. Sorry. Don't want to seem uninterested ;-/

I'm off to read the first pages of Dave Barry's piece.

rhymeswithplague said...

Kathrine, I guess this was too U.S.-centric. My bad.

Carolina, you guessed correctly. The other guy is Dave Barry. Katherine Graham was (not is, she died in 2001) the publisher of The Washington Post for years and years. Decades, even.

Carolina said...

Ah :-)