Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-game thoughts

If you’re anything like me (you’re probably not), you might be asking, “What game?”

I do have enough smarts about me to know that the game in question is Super Bowl XLVI (that’s 46 for any non-Romans in the crowd).

The Drudge Report is saying this morning that Super Bowl XLVI may have been the most watched program in TV history. According to those who keep track of such things, the game pulled a 47.8 rating (versus 47.9 last year) in the overnight ratings, the halftime show with Madonna drew a 48.3, the final 15 minutes of the game pulled 52.8, New York City reached 49.7, and in Boston the game was a 56.7 rating blowout. [Editor’s note. Remind journalism professors to teach their students about avoiding elegant variation. --RWP]

One of my daughter’s schoolteacher friends posted on her Facebook page that when Jack Nicholson was asked if he was going to the Super Bowl he said, “I’d rather drink bleach.”

My sentiments exactly.

We’re a lot alike, Jack and I.

In other news, at the end of our church service yesterday the teens stood at the door holding empty Soup Bowls (get it? instead of Super Bowls?) and took up a collection that will be sent to World Vision to help feed hungry children in third-world countries like Haiti and Somalia and Sudan.


  1. That's a nice idea :-)

    We're not really very interested in American Football (I guess the clue is in the name) here in the Netherlands. But I'm dreading the World Championships Soccer, the Tour de France (lots of Dutch competitors) and Wimbledon (everybody has to watch Wimbledon). Looking forward to the Olympics though. That's about the only sporting event that I do like to watch.

    I'd stay away from the bleach if I were you. Apparently it messes up your hair.

  2. I must say that the resemblance between yourself and Jack Nicholson is most striking. Are you related in some way?

  3. Bob, this has absolutely nothing to do with bowls - super, begging or playing with...

    and definately nothing to do with that odious Jack Nicholson who, contrary to Puddo's announcement, you are far more distinguished, handsome and talented than. You must surely remember YP's own blog admission, a while ago, that he had not had an eye-check since he was a child? The man is noted for wandering the seven hills of Sheffield in complete myopic disarray and his poor wife is driven to distraction having to retrieve him from hostelries and places of ill-repute which he protests he thought were branches of Tescos. He couldn't tell a true star like you, Bob, if you were within two inch of his nose end. We must bless these poor afflicted folk and throw them the odd morsel of mercy.

    No, what I really popped over to tell you was this. Radio 3 - Rabindrath Tagore essay. Not much time left to listen, but I know you'll enjoy. Link: -

    Aren't you glad that I'm around to bring back intellectual dignity and decorum at such times?

    (WORD VERIFICATION - 'nonag;'how did your computer know that it was me, I wonder? ♥)

  4. Carolina,, I don't think of the Olympics as "a sporting event" but rather as a conglomeration of sporting events in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. (This is a barefaced though humorously sly way of including a snippet from the New Testament (Luke 6:38) in my comment.)

    Yorkshire Pudding, we are all related in some way. Didn't you know? We all have a common ancestor, whether Adam in Eden or Lucy in Africa or some other progenitor lost in the mists of time. We didn't just crawl out of the slime en masse.

    Elizabeth, I find myself agreeing with you completely about Y.P., although you must remember to have a thick skin when he returns the compliment, as he undoubtedly will. As to who I am far more distinguished, handsome and talented than, I am happy to leave that to be determined by my adoring public.

    I didn't get over to the BBC in time to catch the Rabindrath Tagore essay -- they were just finishing up a program called "The Verb" with Ian Somebody-or-other (you don't suppose it could have been Shooting Parrots, do you?). But I have retained the link and will try to remember to listen to a replay later.

  5. wimbledon, austrailian open, us open, french open{for carolina}

  6. that was the putz up above

  7. Dear Putz,
    I wouldn't mind if the were all closed ;-)