Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Patricia and Charlotte

So all of a sudden my blog gained another new follower, number 103, and her name is Patricia Moews. Her thumbnail sketch reveals that Patricia lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and attended Albemarle High School. Some of our closest friends when we lived in Boca Raton, Florida, moved to Charlotte, and when Mrs. RWP and I visited them in 1996, I drove on Albemarle Road to get to their house. Is it a small world or what?

When I clicked on Patricia’s link, our old friend Google said, “Patricia hasn’t shared anything with you” which, though true, I thought was rather cheeky of an inanimate object. Then Google either added insult to injury or tried to be even more helpful by adding, “People are more likely to share with you if you add them to your circles.”

Really, the nerve of some multi-bllion-dollar multinational corporations.

Patricia has added me to her circles, but how can I know whether I want to add her to my circles unless I get to know her better, and how can I get to know her better unless she lets me read her blog?

But what I’m really wondering is how Patricia pronounces her last name. Moews. Is it “Mews” like a cat or “Mows” like a lawnmower or even “Mouse” like a young rat? I wonder. I truly do. Patricia, if you’re out there, share something with me. A comment, maybe.

About that trip to Charlotte in 1996. We had decided to get away from Atlanta to avoid the increased traffic caused by the Olympics as well as all the hype and hoopla (note the alliteration) and self-congratulation filling the local newscasts. We drove up on a Friday afternoon, slept like logs at our friend Becky’s house (Don had died a couple of years earlier), and enjoyed a leisurely, late breakfast together on Saturday morning, Mrs. RWP’s birthday. We enjoyed catching up on all the news of Becky and her three Eagle Scout sons. Around noon, Becky turned on the television set and we learned that a bomb had exploded in Centennial Park in Atlanta. More than 100 persons had been injured and one woman was killed. A guard named Richard Jewell was being hailed as a hero.

And now here it is 2012 and we are watching the Olympics taking place in London and, thanks to Patricia, thinking of our trip to Charlotte. It is a small world.

Please, God, let there be no bombs.


  1. i have been to the charlotte airport to and from north carolina from utah<><>stayed in a motel there once but don't remember a patricia<><>you know when you get these new followers i feel like part of the family welcoming them in

  2. I agree with the very last sentiment Robert... but perhaps Patricia will drop a bombshell of her own. The love child you never knew you had...and his first name is Barack.