Sunday, August 12, 2012

As we bid adieu to the XXXth Olympiad,...

We remember with fondness little Paulette Huntinova, the gymnast who captured our hearts with her unforgettable performances in...

the floor exercises (3:24),...

the uneven parallel bars (1:40), and ...

the balance beam (3:33).

We shall not soon see her like again.


  1. ONCE AGAIN i regret my comment about the bombs<><>of course they happened, much to the dismay of me and mine<<><>and i do appreciate your newsy stuff but i like your weiredness better><><><>love you the "putz"

  2. i like that these movement so gracefully done were at the university of utah

  3. Excellent. I like the idea of underwear with the word 'MoM' on them that become 'WoW' if you do a hand stand!

  4. Thanks for these links. I'd never seen or heard of her, er, him before!

  5. You have been hoodwinked! That is not a woman, it's a man in disguise!

  6. Putz, to be liked better for my weirdness than my newsy stuff is something that may take a little time to process.

    Shooting Parrots, I like the idea of underwear, period.

    Jeannelle, I love bringing little-known people and facts to the attention of my readers.

    Yorkette Puddingova, how perfectly ungentlemanly of you to say such an unkind thing about such a sweet young girl as Paulette. I'm sure she will develop all the proper feminine curves in due time. It is tragic, though, that she has been burdened with having so much facial hair.

  7. Thanks for the links. I had never seen them before and this person is quite good. I liked the smiley face on the suit.