Monday, August 6, 2012

Willkommen, bienvenu, welcome!

Unlike my blogging friend Lord Yorkshire Pudding of Pudding Towers, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, in the United Kingdom, I do take notice of my blog’s followers. Pudding seems to be above all that.

They are not my “disciples” (as Pudding suggested), just people who like what I happen to have written.

Two more people decided to become followers this week:

Helsie, who makes her home in Brisbane, Queensland Australia; and عبده الضحوي‬‎ (Abdo Aldhoi), a طالب جامعي (college student) who hails from الحديده المراوعة (Hodeidah Alemrauap).

I know where Australia is, but I had to investigate further to learn that Hodeidah Alemrauap, which is also known as Al Hudaydah, is the fourth largest city in the country of Yemen. Hodeidah/Hudaydah is located on the southeastern coast of the Red Sea, just across the water from the countries of Eritrea and Djibouti. Here is a map of Yemen and its neighbors:

I know that people from Yemen have passed through here before because Yemen’s flag is in my treasure-trove of little gif and jpg files that I copied from that Feedjit thingy over in the sidebar, but Mr. Abdo Aldhoi is our first registered guest from there.

Yemen’s flag looks like this:

Australia’s flag (I didn't forget you, Helsie) looks like this:

Any vexillological disparity you might perceive is not my fault; I merely used what I found.

People have to come to blogs like mine to find the phrase “vexillological disparity.”

Yorkshire Pudding, eat your heart out.


  1. My dearest Robert,
    I am not "above all that" as you suggest. It's just that I have never paid any attention to the followers facility or ever signed up to be a follower. And I will not eat my heart out! I shall eat your heart out instead - lightly broiled with some caramelised onions and a little guacamole on the side. A glass of cool vermouth to wash it down.
    Best wishes,
    Lord Pudding
    (British Obama Election Fund Raising Team)

  2. Ignore him Robert, I am like you and like to see who stops by to read my blog and lots of people do without commenting.... and yes I pick up a few new things like “vexillological disparity”. Whether I ever remember them or find a use for them ever again is beside the point. No knowledge is ever a waste of time.

  3. we as bloggers are all people pleasers, we thrive on the attention of our blog friends or fiends,.,.,i miss the attentionto be blunt, but i am not willing to write write write like i used to do, havwe been reading of benjamin franklin who whould have made a great blogger<><>funny, witty, and a people lover<>he wrote poor richard's almanac which is like a lot of our posts<><>filled with unwanted advice and information but the people of his day sought him out just like people of this day search you my friend out<><>we can't ignore you bob, you don't seem to let us ignore you<>interestinly just like we have psudonymes, he also wrote under different names, as did marktwain also>><>they botth wouyld have loved our day<><><>even my cousin louie loves this day of computers

  4. I also have a little map on my blog and can’t believe that people from such faraway places have come to read my post or looked at my pictures – and then family don’t bother to even take a look! I often see a red mark from the upper part of Canada and another from Mongolia – isn’t the blog world a marvel? I looked at your profile and saw you live pretty close to me – I live near Kennesaw Mountain – that is also very interesting.

  5. and yp how do i affiliate with boefrt >< whoops bob sorry to offend

  6. FAMOUS Mr PUTZ - You affiliate with the BOEFRT by mailing me a personal cheque for $100. Mr Brague is welcome to make an identical contribution. After all, the alternative is Baseball Mitt Romney. Not a happy prospect. I wouldn't even deign to eat his heart out.