Saturday, September 15, 2012

Merci beaucoup, Vagabonde!

Thanks go out to Vagabonde for showing me how to add a Flag Counter to my blog. I will no longer have to count my little flag files by hand.

Vagabonde is from France originally but lives today in Marietta, Georgia. Mrs. RWP and I lived in Marietta from 1975 until 2003.

Marietta, Georgia, is most famous for its Big Chicken:

...unless it’s for being the home of this person...

...or perhaps this person.

Many years ago Marietta was known as the home of this person also, and when the old Strand Theater on the square was renovated after having fallen into disrepair for several decades, she and her equally famous husband gave $50,000 to the project.

And now Vagabonde lives there too.

In Marietta I mean, not in the Strand Theater.

I am beginning a drive to have Marietta’s most famous landmark renamed poulet frit du Kentucky in her honor. Send me your contributions and just as soon as I get $50,000 I will approach the city fathers about the possibility.


  1. Travis Titt? Does he wear half a bra on his head - like a sort of lacy helmet? I assume he always keeps abreast of current affairs There could be other saucy remarks to make but my brain isn't fully functioning this morning.

  2. Now, you should do a post about Eugene, Oregon. I would just like to see what you come up with. In fact, you could do a series of posts about where each of your followers lives. It would keep you out of trouble for quite some time.

  3. " Does he wear half a bra on his head - like a sort of lacy helmet?"

    Hey! I thought this was a clean blog. You know what a stickler I am for pleasant language and what a zero tolerance I have for any and all references to that word that starts with "s" and caused so much trouble for Bill Clinton--and for me too, come to think of it.