Monday, April 8, 2013

I blame it on Twitter

...where messages cannot exceed 140 characters.

My friend Jinksy over in England sometimes participates in memes that involve composing captions that don’t exceed 140 characters (including spaces) for photographs provided by someone else. This week it was a site called Grandma’s Goulash.

I have never participated in one of these before, but this week -- call it spring fever -- I threw caution to the winds and decided to give it a try.

Here’s the photograph and my caption:

Really, Maude, you should know the way out of this canyon without needing a map. Just follow Hortense. You’ve done it thousands of times. (138)

I have entitled this combination -- brilliantly, I thought -- "An Asinine Quandary"....

If you think you can do better, or just would like to give it a try yourself, here’s the link to Grandma’s Goulash.


  1. Hortense doesn't look very eager to start the uphill climb out of the canyon. But I'm sure Maude will wait patiently for her. Clever SY microfiction.

  2. Hi Robert ~~ Now to find Hortense and they've got it made.

    Nice seeing you here, I hope you like it and will return. I've been for over a year now. Most will return comments.

    BCNU, Jim a.k.a. Ask Dr. Jim (blog)

  3. RWP - I think you should play this game more often! I takes a certain sense of humour and a good command of language to come up with pithy wisecracks in this way. :)

  4. Quandary: A four-footed desert-dwelling 'equilate' - the offspring of the dromedary and the quandong. Highly adapted to arid regions, and characterised by its bright red, glossy coat and rotund appearance. Shy and rarely seen.

  5. Thanks, Pat! I thought you were a different Pat (the one from Arkansas who is a stamper) until I discovered you are Pat of "Pat and Jerry" -- welcome to my blog.

    And welcome back, old friend Jim of "Ask Dr. Jim" -- it's been too long.

    Jinksy, I hope when you say pithy you are not lisping.

    Katherine, thanks for clearing that up for us all! I also am shy and rarely seen.

  6. Pat, from Arkansas, here, this time. :) Clever. BTW, I am very fond of the name "Maude," chiefly when used in the phrase "punch it, Maude." (my mantra whilst driving)

  7. Pat, it's always good to hear from you! Maude and Hortense, they just jumped into my mind for this meme. My car's name is Beulah.