Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I’m having an organ transplant

...and I’m really excited about it.

In my case, this is the organ:

...and it’s being transplanted from Milton, Georgia, to our digs in Canton, Georgia, a distance of fourteen miles.

Did I mention that it’s free?

I kid you not.

Actually, this is not the specific instrument -- this photograph was taken by a man named Jeff Schuler in, I presume, the privacy of his own home and uploaded to Flickr several years ago -- but it is the same model, I think, as the one we will be getting.

My new old friends, Ashley N. and Jesse M., an engaged couple, were first-time visitors to the church this past Sunday and we happened to sit at the same table in the fellowship hall during the monthly covered-dish lunch following the church service [Editor’s note. First-time visitors to our church are not required to bring covered-dish lunches with them. There was more than enough food for our visitors. --RWP]. As we got acquainted, Ashley suddenly asked, “Do you know anyone who wants an organ? It’s free.”

And the rest is, if not quite history yet, now in the works. Mrs. RWP and I went to see and listen to the instrument Monday afternoon, and we liked it. So, voila!, as they say in Paree, ze organ, she ees ours.

Now all we have to do is find someone who will move it from its current home to its new home for something less than an arm and a leg.

And until it is safely ensconced in its new home, I must continue to remind myself not to count, ’ow you say, ze chickens before zey are ’atched.

Photo by Kim Pardi, 2005, on flickr, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. How absolutely brilliant!! That is some organ. It really is lovely. I'm sure you'll hear that alot once it has hatched and is safely ensconced within your home. Do you have an old one you are getting rid of? I'm not asking for myself of course hahaha, just curious. I always wanted a piano, even though I did not play one, and one day my friend Robert asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a free stand up flat back one for free as it was sat in his hallway gathering dust. It was one from the old school I used to attend with him, (he is now head of English there). We managed to get it to my house and it wouldn't fit into the lounge, though we'd measured and it should have done, so I kept it in a tiny hallway for a while and taught myself to play a few musical numbers with four fingers. Ultimately it was just too big for the house and had to go to another home. If I had the house of my dreams, one room would be entirely dedicated to musical instruments of all kind, for myself and visitors to enjoy. I'd love to hear some of your music if feasible, when you get the lovely item.

  2. for something less than an arm and a leg. ~ or for less than a kidney or other vital organ even. Laughing raucously ~ this is the RWP I remember ~ although I did not recognize his French accent ;)

  3. That was worth sharing a meal for. It looks a wonderful organ.

  4. The very best sort of organ transplant. How wonderful and, like All Consuming, I would love to hear it when you have it within your grasp...

  5. .... and I imagine they are very pleased it will be going to a home that looks forward to having it too.

  6. All Consuming, it is some organ, and you didn't even see the pedals. It took me years to get a piano of my own. I'm so sorry yours couldn't stay at your house.

    Carol in Cairns, "for less than a kidney or other vital organ" made me laugh. Turnabout is fair play!

    ADRIAN, we were pleasantly surprised, although I have been reading that it probably isn't worth very much.

    Elephant's Child, you and All Consuming may have a long wait...I'm not big on audio files of my own; I'm just sayin'.

    Helsie, they did seem pleased, as are we.

  7. I think it's wonderful! Not many people aspire to play the organ OR piano nowadays. You cannot even donate an organ to any of our thrift shops here - they will not accept them as they cannot, in turn, get someone to buy them!
    We actually have two pianos (blush). One upstairs and one down. The upstairs one my daughter bought for $40 at an auction and paid (hold on to your chair) over $400 just to get it UPSTAIRS. Not to get it home, mind you, WE did that. JUST to get it from the entry of my house to her rooms upstairs!!!
    Wish I'd stuck to piano lessons as a kid.......

  8. How exciting! The house we bought when I was five came with an organ. We had a lot of fun with it, and we didn't even know how to play it! I'm sure you'll enjoy yours even more!

  9. Hilltophomesteader, we do not have an upstairs and a downstairs. We have a ranch house on a slab. But on our one floor we now have a piano AND an organ! And delivered free of charge to boot by two men from our church.

    LightExpectations, I've already started enjoying our new addition (see next post).

  10. But why one earth give away an organ to just anyone? Wow! Oh, well, good for you, my friend.

    "First-time visitors to our church are not required to bring covered-dish lunches with them."

    Are you saying that if a year passed and the person still hadn't brought a dish, that that could be a problem? WELL!!! I guess I won't be going to your church!