Thursday, October 24, 2013

No comment

Our Neighborhood Watch Captain, Bob Anderson, forwarded the following e-mail to every homeowner in our subdivision today.

Advisory: Cherokee Sheriff's Office Warns of Thefts From Vehicles

The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office is urging citizens not to leave valuables, specifically purses, in their vehicles while parked in public parking places. On Monday there were five separate incidents in which suspects broke the window out of parked cars and took purses from inside the vehicle. Four of the locations were pre-schools and one was at a Veterinarian’s office. Four of the locations were in Cherokee County and one was within the city limits of Holly Springs. Hickory Flat United Methodist Church, Mt. Zion Church, The Goddard School, Bridgemill Veterinary, and Primrose daycare were the locations of the thefts.

Investigators believe the same suspects are responsible for all the thefts. It is also believed the suspect is able to break the window, steal the items and leave the area within a matter of seconds. We currently have no description of the suspects but it is believed they are driving a silver four-door passenger car [emphasis mine]. Anyone who has any information about these incidents or sees something or someone suspicious in these types of locations are urged to call 911.

Lt. [name withheld]
Cherokee Sheriff’s Office

[Editor’s note. Okay, I’ll comment anyway. There must be ten thousand silver four-door passenger cars in Cherokee County, but somehow I feel guilty by association. We pass two of these places every time we go to the grocery store. I just know that strangers will now be peering into our windows to see whether we are the culprits. Oh, for the days when we could just drive down the road and enjoy the scenery.--RWP]

[Editor’s note 2. I also must comment about the fact that Lt. [name withheld so that Yorkshire Pudding doesn’t get any crazy ideas] says “Anyone are urged....” --RWP]


  1. anyone who is as fast as they say this culprit is must be an alien<><><>and i know all about aliens>><<><>just ask me<>>><however most of the aliens i know fly around in silver saucers

  2. Putz, there is an organization for seniors and retirees that encourages walking in malls and exercising in gyms and running on treadmills and such like; they are called the Silver Sneakers. I do not know whether they fly around in silver saucers but their way of life is completely alien to me.

  3. Come on Bob - give those "purses" back! In England we call them "handbags" by the way. Another thing... in the cowboy films I used to watch the Cherokees were slaughtered by the Sheriffs!

  4. I suggest you do as your sheriff suggests and do not leave your purse in your car, Mr. RWP. I abhor grammatical errors, though I am sure that I inadvertently make them myself at times, of course.
    A favorite restaurant in town has a lovely painted sign that says "And in the woods a fragrance rare, of wild berries fill the air." Drives me nuts every time we eat there!!!

  5. Yorkshire P., if you watched Sheriffs slaughtering Cherokees you must have been watching "Easterns" instead of "Westerns" -- in "Westerns" the Indians were always Apaches and Sioux and Comanches, not Cherokee. The Cherokees were part of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Southeastern U.S. and even published a newspaper in their language. Still, that didn't keep them from being removed on foot to Oklahoma on the infamous Trail of Tears. Thousands died along the way. This forced removal took place during the Presidency of that darling of the Democrats, Andrew Jackson. What a shameful part of American history. But, yes, Mrs. RWP and I live north of the Chattahoochee River and therefore on what was Cherokee land almost 200 years ago.

    Hilltopetc., as my purse is a clutch purse, I always clutch my purse when I am out and about. I never leave it in my car.

  6. To us over here in England, they were all simply redskins (err...I mean "native Americans") As you live on Cherokee land, please post a picture of yourself in a wild turkey feather headdress and Mrs RWP dressed a squaw. This would be much appreciated.

  7. It's a good job you don't have a guilty face eh? *laughs. Mr Pudding is wrong too I'm afraid, I 'redskins' was never a term used round these parts, 'red-indian' more-like. Still, he's from Yorkshire and I am from Lancashire, he is a pudding whilst I am a....hmm...hotpot I suppose. Keep safe over there.

  8. ps - What DO you know about aliens Putz? That would be a fine post methinks.

  9. Rather than waste my time chasing all over the place checking out errors on some cover reveal, I thought I come over for a read of something that helps restore some semblance of sanity.

    It's just out of the kindness of my heart that I help out all those folks. Gosh, give me a medal or something.

    Anyway, whatever your actual name is, don't you just love alias names, I thought that if I ever visit where you live and rent a car, I shall keep my purse, handbag, wallet, or whatever, with my personage.

    I have no idea what I just typed. What the heck and have a good one.