Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd really write that about Hillary Clinton in The New York Times on Sunday?

The short answer is:


She really did.

For those of you who never click on links, let’s just say Ms. Dowd was less than kind.

Some of my readers across-the-pond (you know who you are) may have conniption fits at the perceived meanness of Ms. Dowd. They may even be stricken with the collywobbles.

It simply cannot be helped.

As the young folk say nowadays, it is what it is.

There was one statement near the end of Ms. Dowd’s column with which I emphatically disagree, and it didn’t have anything to do with Hillary Clinton:

Ms. Dowd said, “Whatever else you say about [President Obama], he has no shadows.”

Au contraire, Maureen, au contraire. He has been keeping millions of people in the dark for several years.

In spite of that being the case, a happy St. Patrick’s day to one and all!


  1. Ouch.
    I would like someone to write a similar letter to our own political leaders of the moment.
    I would like it even more (but won't be holding my breath) for them to read it, and understand it, and accept it as valid.
    Which won't be a happening thing.

  2. It has been said of Dowd's writing that it is "grotesquely cruel, substituting melodrama for reasoned analysis and wit for sincerity". My explanation for her nastiness is twofold. Firstly she herself is only a spectator on the edge of the political stage. Secondly she has never married or had children. Underneath it all she is envious, probably thinking "I coulda...I shoulda" but it is too late for her on both counts.

  3. Sue (EC), I would like to be six foot two and have washboard abs, but that won't be happening either.

    Yorkshire P., if only Maureen Dowd had had the good fortune to be married to you and given birth to your children, I'm sure your guiding hand (not to mention other parts of your magnificent body) would have caused her newspaper columns to be mellow and complimentary!

  4. Your response to my first comment was very astute, nay - sagacious. However, Maureen Dowd would have had to join the queue.