Saturday, March 14, 2015

My readership seems to have plateau’d

Now that I am posting less often than I used to, pageviews of my blog have taken a decided downturn. In fact, my readership has plunged alarmingly pretty much leveled off except for occasional mountains here and there. You might even say that interest in my blog has plateau’d:

At first it seemed to me that more views were taking place on Mondays, but that phenomenon was short-lived. My current theory is that the number of readers a blog attracts depends on whether the labels attached to individual posts match what potential readers enter into search engines.

It occurs to me that the chart of my blog’s pageviews has counterparts in nature.

Here’s proof:

The Rock of Gibraltar:

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, USA:

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia:

Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA:

(CC-BY-SA-3.0; Released under the GNU Free Documentation License)

Maybe I just have an overactive imagination.

You don’t have to agree so readily.

In closing, I have something to say to readers and potential readers everywhere.

Don’t mesa with my blog.


  1. Don't mesa with my blog? Groan.
    Your reader numbers are consistently higher than mine though.

  2. I think you will appreciate this TEDX Talk Sir Robert of the Blog Statistics.

  3. It's 3.14.15 and you missed a chance to post your stats in a pi chart ....

    Other than that, good post.

  4. Welcome to my world sir *laughs*. I love the photographs, especially The Devil's Tower having seen Close Encounters of the Third kind so many times when younger. You have a small but keen following, quality is always better than quantity. *nods*

  5. On the Rock of Gibraltar there are barbary apes. Villainous creatures they are - stealing food, damaging cars and copulating shamelessly in public. So of course I wouldn't wish to associate the Rock's shape with your blog. Besides it's quality of viewers that really counts - not quantity. Take Elephant's Child, Carol from Cairns and moi aussi - we are all higher calibre bloggers. Nothing like barbary apes.

  6. Elepant's Child, groans after puns are like wild applause to punsters.

    Carol, fascinating TEDX Talk!

    ThreeOldKeys, I know, but I make up for it in tomorrow's post.

    All Consuming, did you know the little boy in Close Encounters was from Georgia? His accent is fairly dripping with magnolia blossoms and didn't match his mommy's in the movie, at least to my ears. I agree with you - quality is better than quantity.

    Yorkshire Pudding, I wonder if there are Ayers Rock apes, or at least Ayers Rock kangaroos?