Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay, schmay, let’s talk about something really important

I am not homosexual but I know someone in blogland who is. John Gray, who is a nurse by profession and an animal lover by virtue of just breathing, lives in Trelawnyd, Wales. His home includes Chris, to whom he has been married since March; four dogs (Meg, George, William, and Winifred) ; and a cat (Albert) . His yard contains chickens, ducks, and geese (and quite possibly a surrey with a fringe on top) . Sometimes John’s language gets a bit salty (by which I mean sprinkled with Anglo-Saxonisms that would make a vicar blush) but I continue to read his blog because he is so fascinatingly human.

Meg, one of his older dogs, has been ill for some time and this week John had to make the difficult decision to have her euthanized. He has written a beautiful post -- no salty language -- about his last day with Meg here and my good deed for today is providing you with a link to it.

If you’re not ready for the brave new world of same-sex marriage and salty-language blogs, watch this (6:03) instead.


  1. I visited John before I came here. Such a sad decision for John. A hard decision. And the right decision for Meg.

  2. “If you’re not ready for the brave new world of same-sex marriage”

    Let men marry one another today, and they’ll be marrying armadillos tomorrow. At least that’s what I always say and, as you very well know, I’ve yet to be wrong about anything. I’ll visit his blog though and stay at least long enough to ask if there are any armadillos in Scotland.