Saturday, June 20, 2015

’S wonderful, ’s marvelous, you should share with me (with apologies to Ira Gershwin)

As the summer solstice nears and temperatures soar, it is a time to marvel.

Some people will go to Crete, acquire a tan, and marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Some people will go to Stonehenge, watch the sun rise, and marvel at the accuracy of the astronomy of the ancient Druids.

And some people will go to their computers, open an email from their sister-in-law in Texas, and marvel at her new recipe for fast, easy cornbread:

In summary, mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

Apparently so do sisters-in-law in Texas.

Speaking of the weather, I can’t decide whether this is very hot or very cool (5:48).


  1. She should write a cookbook. Carrot cake. Banana bread. Blueberry scones.

    I suppose strawberry shortcake is not a good example.

  2. I won’t say what that looks like, but dogs and cats leave such gifts on the carpet.

    I make my cornbread with half polenta and half whole wheat flour, and I usually put molasses on it. In the South, I put sorghum, but that’s not so easy to get here.