Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Florida was great! (except for one little thing)

Our hopes were met and our fears were allayed. The beach was not crowded at all. One thing did mar the week, though. Keep reading and I’ll tell you about it.

Here’s where we stayed, viewed from the water’s edge.

Here’s the view looking south:

Here’s the view looking north:

Here’s the view of the pool deck from the gate to the beach:

Here’s the view of the pool deck from the building:

Our time in Florida included several very pleasant events, such as watching our son-in-law and grandsons play golf:

...and one decidedly unpleasant event:

After all these years, it finally happened. A pelican flying high overhead (at least seven stories up) pooped on my shirt.

But I can now share with you, from excruciatingly personal experience, two facts about pelican poop:

1. It definitely smells like fish.
2. It takes red dye right out of a shirt.

Soap and water does not help.


  1. It was surely a clear message from The Almighty about Lake Junaluska Assembly. If you had been wearing a "Yorkshire Pudding" T-shirt, the pelican would have flown by and pooped in the sea. The hotel and its location look great and it sounds as if you have had a nice holiday (i.e. "vacation"). Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  2. Wasn't the pelican providing one more part of the Hopes-and-Fears theme?

    The beach and hotel look heavenly. You might have been bleached by a bird of paradise.

  3. I'm so glad you had a good trip--and wasn't wearing your tux.

  4. Maybe you should visit Oregon’s beaches. The water is cold, and the air sometimes is too, but they’re a whole lot more interesting.

    Maybe you should also save that red shirt for a rag to tie on the end of long loads when you’re performing the manly act of hauling such loads.

    Maybe I made a grammatical error the first time I was here. It was a bad night.

  5. Looks like you had a good time in Florida. We did too. I don’t know where you were but I think we were further south than you – actually we could not go further south than we were or we would have been in Cuba. I did see lots of birds, mostly chickens and roosters though, but no golf courses (but did not miss that anyway.)

  6. Holidays are a fine thing, I should know, we're not long back ourselves, though no-one was bombed by bird poo thankfully. The seagulls around the main harbour in Cornwall - St Ives (still only a tiny one mind you), are almost vicious. They literally try and mug you of your food if you have a butty or pasty or anything edible in your hand as you walk, or sit around the area. They strike me as the kind of birds who would target someone with their poo, rather than it being an accident, which I'm sure was the case with you. Looks like you had a great time apart from that, and I'm pleased to hear it *smiles*.