Friday, March 4, 2016

A stitch in time saves 9,817,643 (Part 1)

Coloring is not Mrs. RWP's only hobby. She also is an excellent cross-stitcher. In this post you will see what I am treated to every single day of my life.

Wikipedia says that cross stitching is the oldest form of embroidery and is found all over the world. There are two types, stamped cross stitch and counted cross stitch.

This first one, the Twenty-third Psalm, was a stamped pattern. It was the first project Mrs. RWP attempted when she took up cross-stitching back in the 1980s. This hangs on one wall of our guest bathroom:.

All of the remaining creations in this post and the next two posts were counted cross-stitch projects, which simply means the patterns were not stamped on the cloth but Mrs. RWP created the finished products by following a set of printed instructions. Here is some of her early work:

The Big Chicken actually exists in Marietta, Georgia, as a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. In real life its beak moves up and down and its eyes roll. The computer expert on the right is, of course, me. I took it to work and hung it in my office. My mouth also moves up and down and my eyes have been known to roll on occasion.

The small hallway that leads to what we call the grandchildren's bedroom is adorned with the following sampler that Mrs. RWP created in 1986. It was the most complex one Mrs. RWP had attempted so far:

We're just beginning and I don't want to overwhelm you. Parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly.


  1. I once tried to do this. The front looked so so but the back was a right dogs dinner.

  2. Adrian, framers have always remarked on how neat and near-perfect the reverse sides of Mrs. RWP's counted cross-stitch creations are. Somehow I have trouble picturing you sitting there doing cross-stitch when the dogs want to go for a run in the fields and the mushrooms are calling your name.

  3. While my hands and my fingers allowed it I also did cross stitch. And tapestry. Meditative pursuits...
    Love Mrs RWP's work.

  4. I think the first example - Psalm 23 - is marvellous - so much patient work and a lovely final result. If Adrian can try his hand at cross-stitching then so can you Bob! May I suggest you start with "Home Sweet Home". Thimbles will be vital.

  5. Sue/EC, Mrs. RWP asked me to tell you how much she appreciated your compliment since you know just how much time and effort these projects take.

    Neil/YP my fingers do well on a piano keyboard, but I am all thumbs with a needle and thread! Plus my eyes are not young any more either. I'm afraid "Home Sweet Home" is out of the question.