Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A stitch in time saves 9,817,643 (Part 2)

This post is the second of three posts highlighting Mrs. RWP's cross-stitched creations. The first post is here.

But first, let us commemorate this past Sunday night's series finale on Downton Abbey (which Mrs. RWP has always called Abby Dalton). As Lady Mary's young son George said to Thomas Barrow, the under-butler, upon his departure, "Goodbye, Mr. Bawwow". If you click on that link you will find a brief recap of several relationships from the series, as well as an embedded video that contains several zingers uttered by Violet, the dowager countess, who was played by Dame Maggie Smith. However, you will see neither Lady Mary's young son George nor Thomas Barrow, the under-butler.

Now that that's behind us, let us move on to Part 2 of Mrs. RWP's stitchery.

Briefly stated, she continued to turn out beauty after beauty, masterpiece after masterpiece.

She made three of these, one for each of our children upon their marriage. Except for the names and dates, they were identical right down to the choice of frame and suede mat. Each one contains part of the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians, commonly called "the love chapter."

This one, which unfortunately is sideways, is the poem "Footprints in the Sand" by Mary Stevenson. You will need to tilt your head 90 degrees to the right or your computer 90 degrees to the left, but not both, before attempting to read it. This one hangs in our master bedroom, but for purposes of photographing it I laid it on the dining room table:

Continue in that position to read the next creation as well. It is a quotation that begins "Our family is a circle of love..." and is by an unknown author. -- It usually hangs in the same guest bathroom where Psalm 23 from the previous post resides, but I laid it on the dining room table to photograph it:

Return your head or computer to its original position to enjoy Mrs. RWP's second go at Psalm 100, complete with bluebirds:

I will show you the rest of Mrs. RWP's handiwork in Part 3.

Until then, "Goodbye, Mr. Bawwow" indeed and "Good bye, Abby Dalton.


  1. Dowton Abbey has passed me by.
    I am so impressed with Mrs RWP's diligence and skill though. There are many, many hours of work in those pieces.

  2. Sue/EC, many, many hours indeed. I hope you were able to enlarge the photographs to see the work "up close and personal" -- it's even more impressive!

  3. Bob, these are appreciated but forgive me for wondering why popping them on the table means that they are 90° out of true.

  4. Adrian, popping them on the table explains only why their background is brown instead of white. It has absolutely nothing to do with why they are 90 degrees out of true. Only your correspondent's unfamiliarity with how things work on his new Windows10 operating system can explain that.

  5. Ugh. My computer keeps 'suggesting' that I 'upgrade' to Windows 10. Good grief, I've hardly figured out Windows 7! Ellie is a very talented gal! And what are you doing while she is diligently whipping out works of art? Making dinner? Doing the dishes? Vacuuming?

  6. Bob, I haven't tried to find the image editing software in Windows 10 but will have a look for it and see if I can sort the job out.
    If you would rather use the (°) instead of degree then hold down Alt and type 0176 in the number pad. If it doesn't work then Num Lock is off.
    Lots more Key Codes HERE

  7. Hilly (as YP calls you), I am making the bed or taking out the trash or bringing in the mail or running to the cleaners or buying groceries or playing the piano/organ or reconciling the bank statement with the checkbook or getting Ellie a cup of hot tea and English muffin with peach preserves or preparing cold cereal with blueberries and almond milk or filling the well on the Keurig coffee pod machine with water to make us both some hot coffee with hazelnut creamer to go with our raspberry Danish or chocolate biscotti or paying bills on the computer or reading the Bible or watching Judge Judy or emptying the dishwasher or doing the laundry or any of a thousand other things, and occasionally, yes, even vacuuming. The perfect little Hausfrau, that's me! Ellie makes the lunches and dinners on days we don't go out to eat.

  8. Adrian, my birthday is next week and you have given me a perfectly wonderful gift! Thank you!

  9. All of this begs the question - Why would such a talented woman as your Ellie pick a fellow like you from the crowd? She could have had anybody. You must be rich!