Friday, March 11, 2016

A stitch in time saves 9,817,643 (Part 3)

[Editor's note. This is the third post in a three-part series. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. --RWP]

Okay, first of all, to let you know that I am no longer a complete idiot when it comes to technical things (why are you laughing?), I received some excellent tutelage via e-mail from one Adrian Ward of Somewhere, Scotland, and can now rotate photographs using my new operating system (Windows 10) just as expertly as I did using my old one (XP). Here's proof using the two photographs that faced west in the preceding post:

Footprints in the Sand:

...and Family Circle:

I know you will agree that they look much better facing south.

Moving right along with Part 3 of this series, here is a cross-stitch Mrs. RWP made in 1988 for our silver anniversary (for readers in Alabama, that means we had been married 25 years). It is displayed over our piano:

The next two hang in our master bathroom, and Mrs. RWP is especially proud of their borders. If your device allows zooming, zoom in for a closer look. A bird bath is on the left:

...and a clawfoot tub is on the right:

I wouldn't lie to you. Here they are together:

A fruit basket that contains 53 colors and took Mrs. RWP a year to complete hangs in our kitchen:

A small cornucopia that we had framed as a companion piece to the fruit basket hangs over our pantry door:

Finally, a second 53-color beauty that took Mrs. RWP another year to complete hangs in our entrance hall/vestibule/fwah-yay (pick one) along with the bluebird-adorned Psalm 100 that I showed you in the preceding post:

Thus ends my three-part series showing you Mrs. RWP's prowess and talent with a needle and thread.

P. S. -- Yorkshire Pudding asked in a comment on the previous post if I am rich. I used to be, but I spent my entire fortune getting these beautiful creations framed. To do less would be criminal.


  1. Glad you found the icon to click. I dread to think how they go on in the southern hemisphere.
    These are amazing.

  2. Love them.
    Can you ask Mrs RWP what thread count these beauties were working on?

  3. Adrian, Mrs. RWP thanks you very much!

    Sue, I can and I did. She uses 14-count Aida cloth.

  4. Ah. Much more sensible. The last one I did was 18 count, and black cloth. Not kind to eyes or hands.

  5. Sue, I imagine not! The only thing harder to work with might be linen, but Mrs. RWP's eyesight can't deal with that!

  6. The fruit basket is so impressive that I should like to offer you $365 for it - a dollar for every day of Ellie's painstaking labour. I expect the money will come in handy having spent your entire pension on classy frames.

  7. Yorkshire Pudding, the Democrats here are trying to have the minimum wage for fast-food restaurant workers raised to $15.00 an hour. For a 40-hour work week, that's $600 and for a 52-week year that's $31,200 and I think Ellie's talents are far greater than someone who takes a hamburger order and can't make proper change without the help of the cash register display. The price on the fruit basket, therefore, is $31,200 and not a penny less. Probably 20 years ago an owner of a craft shop told us that the going rate at that time for finished counted cross-stitch items was ten cents a stitch. In other words, Ellie's creations are priceless.