Friday, August 28, 2015

Green is not the color/colour of my true love’s hair

...but it is the color/colour of the outfit she wore at my recent “retiring-as-pianist-but-not-leaving” reception:

...and of some of the icing on the cake:

...and of the pastor’s shirt and the bag the marginata plant was in (here are 3 views of each):

It was even incorporated into the lei and the paper napkins:

Green is also the color/colour of my newest favorite thing, a gardenia bush planted three years ago by our back door. People sometimes say of English ivy that the first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps. This saying applies as well to our gardenia bush, because after two years of sleeping and creeping, it suddenly began blooming this month for the very first time. Today I counted eleven gardenias growing on it, but I couldn’t get them all in one photograph:

Note to my loyal readers: Although I have not yet turned into a doddering old fool, I am well on the way to becoming one.

You do not have to agree with me in the comments.


  1. I am the most struck by how young you look. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

  2. Love the photos - and am suffering from serious gardenia envy. Sadly I have a brown thumb where they are concerned and will not buy (and kill) any more.

  3. The other guys at the retirement event appear to have dressed casually but you sir had the appearance of a schoolteacher! I wonder which subject you would have taught? I am thinking Physics. You are too smart (in appearance) to be a Music teacher.

  4. Snowbrush, undoubtedly it is due to clean living. As you know, I am pure as the driven slush.

    Elephant's Child, my wife, her mother, and my mother all said that their favorite flower was gardenia. Mine suffers from benign neglect. Last winter it was frozen but recovered nicely once spring arrived.

    Yorkshire Pudding, clothing choices in our congregation range from casual to distinctly non-casual, so I do not stick out like a sore thumb; I fit right in. Physics was my worst subject in school. I remember something about fulcrums and classes of levers and resistance and ohms and and that's about it. In my part of the world, English teachers should not disparage music teachers in matters of dress.

  5. And such a lovely shade of green Mrs RWP was wearing. Green is not my favourite colour. Our school colours are green, and I wouldn't be seen dead in a staff polo shirt because it is so green. And I am not a fan of gardenia either ~ I find the perfume very sickly myself. But I do love climbing jasmine.

  6. carolincairns, green is not my favorite either but It suddenly seemed to be everywhere around me. Gardenias do have a very strong, distinctive fragrance, but I like them because they remind me of my mother. when we lived in Florida we had Confederate jasmine but it was not a climber. More of a spreader.

  7. “Snowbrush, undoubtedly it is due to clean living.”

    I figured as much, but genes must surely play a role. I daresay that, considering it all, I look pretty good myself, but I’m not holding up so well as you when our age difference is taken into account.

  8. You are a lovely couple, no matter what color/colour Mrs RWP wears. And kudos to your church for their acknowledgement of your service. As far as gardenias, add me to Team Love -'Em - But - Can't - Keep - 'Em - Alive.

  9. You know, you look very professorial in these photos.