Thursday, July 21, 2016

Television, schmellivision (American edition)

A. Things I have never seen and probably never will [see]:

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
Half-time at Super Bowl XXXVIII (the wardrobe malfunction)

B. Things I have seen bits and snippets of in passing and wish I hadn't:

My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Sister Wives
Naked and Afraid
Breaking Amish
Duck Dynasty
Bar Rescue

C. Things I liked at first but grew weary of rapidly:

Flip Or Flop
Property Brothers
Love It Or List It
The Big Bang Theory
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Project Runway

D. Things I'm glad have gone away completely:

Honey Boo-Boo
Newlyweds: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

F. Things I wish had never come along in the first place:

Live! With Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford
Live! With Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa
Live! With Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan
Today With Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb
Keeping Up With the Kardashians

G. Things I wish could have lasted forever:

Downton Abbey (this one's British, actually)
Wide, Wide World (not to be confused with Wide World of Sports)
Omnibus with Alistair Cooke on Sunday afternoons (showing my age)
The Carol Burnett Show
All In the Family
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Rose Bowl Parade from Pasadena, Callifornia

How about you?


  1. Most of the tiny amount of television I watch willingly (he has control of the remote) is British.
    Due South (Canadian) is an exception. I would gladly watch that again.

  2. We watch the Evening News, and Peggy watches Jeopardy (we only have an antenna for reception, but it works fine). Other than that, its DVDs of old shows and movies or else PBS. Right now we're making our way through David's Janssen's "The Fugitive."

  3. Perhaps it is telling that I've never heard of most of those? We watch DVDs of Hogan's Heroes (Well, and Doctor Who, but that's British), and that's about it.

  4. I thought I was going to be able to put a cross against everything on your list, but I have seen Friends (no choice - it was my daughter's favourite) and the Bg Bang Theory which I actually quite enjoy. Sheldon is one of the great comedy creations in my opinion.

  5. Me? Yes. I am sure you will agree that I belong in List G - things I wish could last forever. I have also never seen "Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead" and don't care a jot about this. I like to keep TV viewing at arm's length. Too many people are obsessed with it but watching TV is not life. I would like to put Donald Chump into List F - things I wish had never come along in the first place.

  6. We don't have tv. We do have a large collection of DVDs and old movies. I rarely can be convinced to watch anything, but recently we have begun to have a movie night once a week or so and are watching a series called Stargate SG1.

  7. Jen wrote: "We watch DVDs of Hogan's Heroes..."

    Please oh please, go to IMDb ( and read the biographies of Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Sigrid Valdis, and, of course, Bob Crane. When I was a boy, I wouldn’t watch the show because I found it offensive to minimize the horror of any Nazi camp, but reading the Klemperer and Banner biographies made me think a little differently about it.

    1. Hello, Snowbrush! Yes, I have read the biographies you mentioned. We also got Robert Clary's autobiography which discusses his time in a Nazi camp as a youth. It is a fascinating read if you are interested.