Friday, July 1, 2016


I did not take this photograph. The team my grandson Matthew is with this summer did. The team -- three friends from university -- are spending all of June, July, and part of August in Kenya. The elephants were just strolling along near a road in Amboseli National Park.

The team -- Brian, Sage, and Matthew -- are dividing their time between teaching schoolchildren at Lenkai Christian School in Kimana and distributing water filters to people that don't have clean water. They are there under the sponsorship of Duke Engage and Just One Africa.

Elephants are very big and very intelligent, and their eyesight is usually very poor. But there's something else you should know about elephants.

They never forget.


  1. Lucky Matthew. And a big thank you to him too.
    Not only will the elephants not forget, I suspect he and his friends won't either.

  2. Are you an elephant?
    A wonderful experience for Matthew. Something he will never forget. Perhaps he will go back another time. Grandpaw could accompany him. It's never too late to boogie.

  3. What a marvellous experience for him! Great photos!

  4. They never forget what? Are you saying that you’re like an elephant? Are you saying that elephants have better memories than cats? Believe me, if I forget one of their three meals, I have 100% confidence that they will remind me. It bothers me that such seemingly dumb (in some ways) critters have better memories than I do, but then again, maybe they’re simply more invested in having their meals on time than I’m invested in feeding them on time.