Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tempus certainly does fugit, irrespective of whether you're having fun

Today is our oldest son's birthday. He's 52.

Impossible. I myself am only 38.

Isotopes have half lives. Why can't we?

I'm hoping my half life will have been around 57, but that is neither here nor there.

Here is a photo of my son and his wife taken this past June at Panama City Beach in Florida. The water behind them is the Gulf of Mexico.

And here I am two months before my 38th birthday. If you must know, the year was 1969. This photo was made for the first passport I ever obtained, and despite what they say about passport photos, I consider it to be the best photo ever made of moi.

If all goes well and I keep breathing, I will turn 76 in March.

Tempus fugit, indeed.


  1. Your 52 year old son has an uncanny resemblance to you! I have no idea how that could be so. Your passport photo makes you look like a romantic late night clubland singer...
    "CLUB CAPPUCCINO is proud to present, all the way from Mansfield Texas, The Canton Crooner... Bobby Brague. (Unaccompanied females are discouraged for their own safety)"

  2. Actually, YP, my 52-year-old son is the spitting image of his mother's father when he was young. Our other two children look more like my side of the family.

  3. And here I sit feeling bad that all my babies are in their forties. The oldest will be 50 next year. I just don't know how they got so old. I haven't had them that long!

  4. Emma, mine are now 52, 50, and 48. Three of our six grandchildren are in college already. We may still have a shot at becoming great-grandparents before shuffling off this mortal coil. It's crazy!

  5. Time is a flexible trickster isn't it? An hour can last a lifetime, and a lifetime disappear when we blink.
    Love the photo of your happy son and wife. And you.

  6. EC/Sue. you speak the truth. And I am glad you enjoyed the photographs.

  7. Your son looks like his mama and you look very dreamy and romantic....like a 1950s heart-throb....Heart-throb Bob! Please keep breathing....for many more years/blogs to come!

  8. You are talking about great-grandchildren. I already have three beautiful great-granddaughters. Beatcha!

  9. Back when you were young, was everything really in black and white, or did the pictures of the era simply make it look that way?

  10. I have been derelict once again in responding to comments. Please forgive my rudeness and negligence.

    Hilltop, just for you, I will keep breathing for many more years/blogs (God willing).

    Emma, I imagine great-grandchildren are even more wonderful than grandchildren! But how can that be possible?

    Snowbrush, yes, everything was definitely in black and white back when I was young and lived in Pleasantville.