Thursday, March 2, 2017

I don't see London, I don't see France

...and I definitely don't see anyone's underpants. This snapshot of my blog stats showed an extremely high spike on February 25th. On the same day most of my blog hits came from the country of France.

A few months back it was Russia causing spikes. My spies (it's only an expression, people) tell me that an extraordinarily high number of views is probably the result of robots. Speaking of underpants, Yorkshire Pudding should not get his in a wad and start speaking in French all of a sudden. Sacre bleu!

Take a closer look at my blog stats. Do you see what I see? *That sound you hear is All Consuming beginning to hum a Christmas song*

What I see in my blog stats snapshot is -- wait for it -- the skyline of Dubai.

Yes, I see the Burj Khalifa, formerly known as the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world poking more than a half-mile into the sky at 2,717 feet (828 meters).

One hundred sixty stories. Speaking of sacre bleu, sacre bleu! Here's a closer look:

Can anyone say "Tower of Babel"?

In my blog stats snapshot I also see Pinocchio lying on his back (see what I did there?) and if I squint and hold my tongue just right I can almost make out Roger Price's famous droodle "Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch" from his 1953 book that later became an album cover for Frank Zappa in 1982:

Here's another droodle from Roger's book. It's called "Four Elephants Examining an Orange":

I have done enough damage for one day. My work here is done.

P.S. -- I think I'm feeling giddy because today is the sixteenth birthday of our youngest grandchild. If you need a reason, that one will have to do.


  1. It took me a moment to see Pinocchio but the rest of the images were clear to me right away. As long as the robot views are not leaving unwanted comments it's all good.

  2. How wonderful. That you have lived long enough to have a sixteen-year-old grandchild. And that you still write such wonderfully silly blogs. You are an inspiration to me Bob. Love to Ellie too. x

  3. My latest spike is from the Ukraine.
    A very happy birthday to your grandson.

  4. My thanks to three lovely ladies for commenting!

    Emma, I don't know how to tell when a comment is from a robot. Please enlighten me!

    Kate, I have lived long enough to have a twenty-one-year-old grandchild! In fact, our three oldest grandchildren all voted in our recent election. Now that really makes me feel old. Your dedication to art is an inspiration to me.

    Sue/EC, I went to school with a guy named Spike but he was not from the Ukraine. Actually his nickname was Spike; his real name was Guy (I'm not kidding). My grandson really looked forward to this birthday because he can now get a driver's license!

  5. Hahahahaha. The tower of Babel, and Pinocchio, and the witch and ship, it's all tickling me, you never fail to entertain sir. I hope the 16th birthday went splendidly!

  6. Michelle aka All Consuming, glad to be of service as a source of long-distance tickling.

  7. Your statistical analysis is, how should I say this... unusual. Mon dieu! It's interesting that you have also had a lot of extra traffic from France. From Calais in the north to Marseilles in the south, from the Atlantic coast to The Alps French citizens are whispering, "Ev you zeen ze Rhymes avec Plague blog? Ooo la la! C'est tres bonne mon ami!"

  8. M. Pudding, mon ami, merci beaucoup pour your kind compliment. And may I just add that your underpants must be more in a wad than usual -- not that there's any way I could possibly know for sure; I'm simply surmising -- because by the end of your comment you had given yourself wholly over to La Francaise. I do admire your sophistication but you must do your best to keep your fellow Sheffieldians and Hull City supporters from ever finding out. They would not take too kindly to having such a man in their midst. I promise not to tell them.

  9. RWP Thank you for your legendary compassion.