Monday, March 13, 2017

The spring has not yet sprung, the grass has not yet riz, but I know where one of the birdies is

This is a "homey" post of the type not usually associated with moi, but it's a whole heap less stressful on one's nerves than working oneself up into a permanent lather over BREXIT, Donald Trump, ISIS, China, Israel, Hillary Clinton, North Korea, Guantanamo Bay, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nancy Pelosi, Palestine, global warming, Iran, Yemen, Simon Cowell, or any other perceived threat to world peace.

Today I rise to speak of bluebirds, or, to be more accurate, of one specific bluebird.

He likes that particular chair by the door, as you can plainly see from all the poop with which he has decorated it.

He also likes to sit on our shepherd's crook to be near our blue feeder filled with dried mealworms...

...and on our other shepherd's crook to be near our green feeder filled with peanut suet.

From these perches he tries to be master of all he surveys, but he has to defend his territory against neighbors like The Mockingbirds and The House Finches and even a few robins. Mr. Bluebird also likes our birdbath but I have not yet been able to get a photo of him perched there. He is an alert little fellow and darts away to fight another day if startled.

If you are equally alert, you may also have spotted (no pun intended) the 1930 portrait of Mrs. RWP's parents on our kitchen wall as well as some of her orchid plants in bloom.

And if I were as alert as I like to think I am, I would have remembered that I already told you about the bluebirds and the blue feeder filled with dried mealworms and the green feeder filled with peanut suet a couple of weeks ago.

As the world can tend to be too much with us, we now return you to the apocalypse in progress.


  1. Birds are always better than politics. And bear repeating much better as well.

  2. Child, yes they are and yes they do! It's so nice to see that you are back blogging again at your place; the photos are phenomenal as always. My bluebird pales in comparison to your king parrots!

  3. Are you sure that is a bluebird and not a cleverly camouflaged Russian drone with an on board micro-camera? He seems to be watching your suspicious behaviour.

  4. How beautiful! What a sweet visitor to have, I'm lucky to see a sparrow here, but I do like sparrows so it isn't all bad *laughs*

  5. YP, you could be correct, of course, but I doubt it. And even if you are, comrade bluebird can only see what goes on in the kitchen, where Mrs. RWP and I are careful not to do anything incriminating. The rest of the house is safe from prying eyes, bluebird and otherwise, because we have curtains and blinds on our windows, and that is where all the nefarious activities occur. Spasebo for the heads up. We appreciate your concern.

  6. All Consuming, our friend in Sheffield has warned me to be wary of friendly guests, so please try to be more grumpy and less saccharine in your written responses henceforth so that you won't be mistaken for a spy. Speaking of sparrows, they are about to make their annual return to San Juan Capistrano in California, but here in Canton, Georgia, the bluebirds are always welcome.