Friday, November 17, 2017

'Tis the season to be busy

First, the obligatory family photos of the Alabama branch of the rhymeswithplague clan, the mama in that branch being our daughter. Here she is with her older son (center) and his father, her husband of nearly 25 years:

The occasion was the Chamber Winds concert at the university our grandson attends, in which he is co-principal French Horn player at the ripe old age of 17.

Next, here is our daughter with her younger son one day later. This time the occasion was the annual winter concert in Birmingham of the All-County Bands and Choirs from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Jefferson County, Alabama. Our grandson was one of the trumpet players in the High School band. Our daughter, an assistant principal in a middle school, helped accompany the Elementary Choir on her flute.

The preliminary obligatories having been completed, let us now move on to other subjects.

1. Today we received our first Christmas card of the season. It came all the way from the home of Michelle, Ken, and Rosie-Roo (their dog) in merrie olde England, where Michele (also known as our blogging friend All Consuming) created it herself. In other words, it is a treasure. Here's the outside:

...and here's the inside:

Michelle created lots of other Christmas cards too, and you can see them by clicking right here. While you're doing that, I shall be trying to figure out (a) why Michelle would send me a Rorschach test for Christmas and (b) why it contains not only some very cute birds but also some bird droppings, Santa Claus sticking his tongue out, Jeff Goldblum in his signature role as The Fly, Chucky the Clown, and possibly a panoramic view of the Battle of Balaclava from the Crimean War in 1854.

2. We are taking care of our older son's dog, Chester, until Sunday evening. Chester arrived last night from his home an hour away so that the humans in his family could get an early start today on a quick trip to North Carolina to see this weekend's football game at Duke University and bring their son back home with them for the Thanksgiving holiday. Chester is a mix of Labrador and Dachshund and is a rich chocolate brown color. Here he is resting on our leather couch because he is plumb tuckered out from all the excitement.

That's enough for now. I'm plumb tuckered out too even though I haven't done very much at all when compared to this lady.

Chester sends doggy regards to Rosie-Roo.


  1. I'll make it quick so you can sleep.Your daughter has a lovely talented family. I wish I had the talent to make creations as nice as the Ch\ristmas card. The dog is lucky to have a nice sofa to relax on.

  2. Your family's love of music must have filtered down from you sir - but how did you acquire the music bug?...Also - it would be easy to sit on Chester by mistake as he is pretty much the same colour as your leather sofa.

  3. How on EARTH do you get a laborador/dachshund cross? No. I decided I don't want to know! Your family is lovely; you are a blessed man for sure! And, you'll be happy to know that I've not done a thing today but attend church and enjoy sitting & reading all cozy next to the woodstove! See, I really do slow down once in a great while!

  4. Late to the party, but here I am! I'm so touched that you've featured my card and also relatively disturbed at how sloppy my handwriting has become these days. It's improved thanks to painkillers, but clearly not enough for my liking hahahaha. Thank you for kind and hilarious words. Your family are a joy as ever, what a lucky pair you and Mrs Rhymes are, and now a furry to spend time with for a span. Enjoy the stroking and petting (with the dog too hahahaha), and enjoy the Christmas Season together Xx