Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Start spreadin' the news -- I'm a millionaire!

Or so says someone who calls himself Eric Howard. Apparently I ignored a previous reach-out so he/she/it has tried again. If I were a betting man (I'm not), I would bet almost anything that "Eric" lives in Nigeria.

Here is what I received in my e-mail yesterday:


From: "Eric Howard"
Reply to:

This is for your information,

Sequel to your non response we wish to notify you again that you were listed as beneficiary to the total sum of US$9 Million only in the intent of the deceased. On my first email I mentioned about my late client whose relatives I cannot get in touch with. But both of you have the same last name so it will be very easy to front you as his official next of kin. I am compelled to do this because I would not want the finance house to push my clients funds into their treasury as unclaimed inheritance.

We contacted you because you bear the Last name with our Late Client and therefore can present you as the Beneficiary to the inheritance since there is no written w i l l. Our legal services aim to provide our private clients with a complete service. We are happy to set-up all modalities and administer Trusts,carry out the administration of estates. All the papers will be processed in your acceptance of this Transaction.

Note that you are to furnishing me with the requested information's bellow immediately;

Full names.
Contact address.
Telephone and fax numbers.

If you are interested you do let me know so that I can give you Comprehensive details on what we are to do. Waiting for your response.

Yours faithfully,

Eric Howard.

So much about this email is obviously phony. English is not Eric's first language and the punctuation is atrocious.

I think I'll pass. I will not be to furnishing Eric with "the requested information's bellow" immediately or otherwise.

I could give him Comprehensive details on what he is to do, especially with his modalities, but I will restrain myself.

It just struck me that "Eric Howard" is inventively close to the name Eric Holder, who was President Barack Obama's first Attorney General. How dumb does this scammer think I am?

Don't answer that.


  1. Apparently, these scammers often include spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on purpose. They feel that a person who will overlook them will be easier to manipulate into parting with their money. I see the price has gone up. I remember the good old days when it was $6,000,000. Ah, inflation.

  2. I have read that often the poor grammar and spelling errors are done on purpose. Apparently, they feel that if you overlook those mistakes you will be easier to manipulate out of your money.

  3. Sadly these scammers WILL find hopeful souls. The world over.

  4. That is SO WEIRD Robert! Because I ALSO share the last name of a wealthy Nigerian! Gosh, ain’t life wonderful? I sent off all my bank account details and oasswords immediately. I didn’t notice any spelling mistakes, silly me. When I get all my money, I am goiing to do so much! In fact I have already booked a cruise, why wait?

  5. It is astonishing what people actually do fall for.

  6. "English is not Eric's first language and the punctuation is atrocious."

    But, but, but, me write and, punctuate just. Eric like.

    "I could give him Comprehensive details on what he is to do, especially with his modalities, but I will restrain myself."

    You are my model of, restraint but I think. should you do it you could share loot the.

    "How dumb does this scammer think I am?"

    You should maybe not take these so personally things.

  7. I am sick of internet scammers and indeed telephone scammers. The forces of the law should be pursuing these parasites with far more vigour and indeed more resources than they have done so far. They create so much unhappiness - even for those of us who can smell their foul odour almost instantly.

  8. I assume the 'bellow' indicates you are to step outside and yell the requested details at the top of your voice...
    The writer, ( if you can believe this scam where anything seems possible) will surely hear you.

    Miss Soup

  9. 'Note that you are to furnishing me ' - Hahahahahaha. Yes, thankfully we do see them coming, but I feel sorry for people who may not have as many pencils in the case we do, and think it may be genuine.

  10. Of course! I've just figured out why you've not written for a couple of weeks! No doubt now that you're a millionaire, you cannot deign to lower yourself to speak to the likes of us lowly blogger-buddies, lol!

    Hope all is well, Bob...