Monday, December 15, 2008

A Google search is a fearsome thing...

About a week and a half ago, I published a post called “Get Around, Get Around, I Get Around!” (which, as our friend Putz then pointed out for us, is the title of a song made famous by the Beach Boys). I have updated that post several times in the past week and a half to include flags of more countries that have visited my blog since I installed the Feedjit Live Traffic thingy over there in the left sidebar.

Well, today this blog received its first visitor from the oil-rich Middle East, from a place called Ar Riyad in Riyadh province, Saudi Arabia, to be exact. And just to be consistent, here’s the Saudi Arabian flag:

I think this visit deserves its own post. Not because it’s the first one from the oil-rich Middle East, though, but because of how our visitor found us and where our visitor landed. It’s really quite bizarre, and it’s also a tribute to the incredible search facilities of the engine known as Google.

According to the Feedjit description, our new reader from Saudi Arabia arrived here via (the Saudi Arabian Google) after searching on the words “peicture sex.” He or she landed on a post I wrote back in October entitled “But enough about me.” Curious as to why a search on “peicture sex” would lead someone to any post of mine, I went back to “But enough about me” myself to investigate.

The word “sex” does appear one time in the post. I was wondering aloud what to write about, and after rejecting autumn, politics, and literature, I wrote, “Sex? Not even on a dare.” I went on to write about my dog, Jethro. The post did, in fact, include a peicture and it was a peicture of Jethro’s cute little cuddly, canine self.

So I suppose I can see how someone in Saudi Arabia (whether male, female, Muslim, Christian, Arab, or American, I do not know) searching for “peicture sex” could wind up reading about my little dog, Jethro, but you wanna know something?

It boggles the mind.

You wanna know something else?

I have no idea whether this revelation makes you want to sell any Google stock you may own or rush out to buy some.

You wanna know a third thing? I don’t care how people find my blog, I’m just very glad they keep finding it. Jethro is glad, too.


  1. Oh, funny! Someday, I'm hoping to post about some of the searches that have brought people to my blog. Would you believe, my "Big, Shiny Milktruck" post has garnered several sax-related search hits!!??

  2. Yesterday, I found another blog gadget which links to a cool map page which show visitors to the blog. Feedjit has a map page, too, of course, but I'm enjoying this new one even more, I think. If you go down my sidebar, there is a blue rectangle entitled "whos.amung us" on that to get the widget, if you want it on your blog.

  3. There's more to the Middle East than the oil reserves some states have been blessed with. What about culture and history? It's like calling the USA the burger rich United States or the Wallmart rich USA. Once a teacher always a teacher - sorry mate!

  4. I often find it fascinating to see what leads people to my blog.

    I got a comment a couple of weeks ago on a post that was a couple of months old. Someone was doing a search on a particular Bible verse I posted and came to tell me my theology is all wrong. I get the feeling that they were running around the entire Internet trying to enlighten heretics.

    So be grateful you didn't get lectured about your sex peicture!

    Jethro is a doll, as always. Smokey says hey.

  5. Jeannelle - I've been trying to add the Feedjit Map for several days now, with no luck. Can't figure out why.

    Yorkshire - Actually, I used the phrase "oil-rich Middle East" to see if it would evoke any reaction. And it did! From you!

    Ruth - I had a lengthy interaction with one commenter several months ago on the Trinity. He was ag'in it. And so we grow in fits and starts.

  6. About the Feedjit assuming you have gone to the page where it is and you just copy the HTML for it and then go back to your blog layout and go to "add gadget" and then click to "add HTML/javascript". Then paste it in there and that should work.