Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rod Blagojevich

Today just happens to be the fifty-second birthday of Rod Blagojevich, the current governor of Illinois, who was arrested yesterday by FBI agents. I have a message for the Governor:

Shame on you.

You need fifty-two spanks, and one to grow on. Especially that last one.


  1. I looked at his picture on the news last night and for some reason what popped in my head is "he looks like a sneaky rat". Yes. Shame on him. Shame, shame, shame...with my finger wagging in his face.

  2. He is a sneaky rat, and it didn't take this latest episode for the people of Illinois to know that. He's the most unpopular governor we've ever had.

  3. all he trioed to do is buy someone or was it sell someone????anyhooo'ss slaves in the south were bought and sold....oh wait it is against the lwa no a days

  4. Egghead (Vonda) - He looks more like a college frat boy to me. But I am old.

    Ruth - My favorite Illinois governor was Adlai Stevenson. I said I was old.

    Putz - All he trioed to do was destroy the whole constitutional process with his greed and arrogance.