Saturday, December 6, 2008

Get around, Get around, I get around!

Since I installed the live traffic feed thingy on my blog a few weeks ago at the suggestion of Phil H., this blog has been visited by people from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, France, India (Tamil Nadu), Turkey, China, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Mexico, Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Aruba (Orangestad), and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

People from many different parts of the United States have also been here -- so far I have seen Iowa, Illinois, Oregon, Utah, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, California, Virginia, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Georgia. I may have missed a few.
Phil told me I might be surprised how many people are reading my blog. He was wrong. I am overwhelmed.

[Update, 12/8/2008: And still they come. Today I saw Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and West Virginia. Twenty-seven states so far. --RWP]

[Update, 12/9/2008: Two more states checked in today, Nebraska and New Mexico, making a total of 29 so far, and another country, Vietnam! Wow! The traffic feed thingy said Hanoi (Dac Lac), which was confusing. Dac Lac (in Vietnamese, Đắc Lắc) is a province in what used to be South Vietnam, but Hanoi is some distance away, in what used to be North Vietnam. My guess is that the server serving Dac Lac is located in Hanoi. --RWP]

[Update, 12/10/2008: My goodness! Belgium! --RWP]

[Update, 12/11/2008:And Germany and Taiwan and Brazil and Argentina! And Maryland! --RWP]

(P.S., 12/15/2008 -- There was another first-timer today, too, from Timisoara (Timis), Romania! And one from Wyoming.)

(P.P.S., 12/25/2008: Add Montana, Washington, and Italy to the list! --RHB)


  1. It's fun to see where everyone comes from, isn't it? You might want to also get a counter like the one from SiteMeter. The reason i suggest this is that Feedjit doesn't tell you how long people are on your blog. About half of the hits I get are from people who go away so fast that the visit length registers as 0 seconds. For example, I get a lot of people who are searching for stuff on Pegasus, but my posts don't interest them so they leave instantly.

  2. With such an international readership, I think you have what it takes to be America's Secretary of State so take a hike Hillary! Arise Sir Plague!

  3. Here's Arkansas, visiting once again. I think it's neat that you have many visitors, whether or not they choose to leave comments. I hope they're sticking around long enough to read some of your posts. If they do, they'll be back!

  4. sir plague....has such a nice get arounud, by the beach boys...

  5. Hey.....I like "Sir Plague", too....or Sir Rhymsie might work, too. Congrats on the visitors from all over! I might go check out that Sitemeter counter Ruth mentioned.

  6. Ruth, Yorkshire, Pat, Putz, Jeannelle, it's always a pleasure to hear from each of you.

    "Sir Plague of Rhymsie" or "Sir Rhymsie of Plague" -- I don't care which, as long as I don't have to wear a tiara. As for "take a hike, Hillary," half of America agrees with you, YP. But only half. To be more accurate, a little less than half.

  7. I've been to all 50 states in the U.S. I guess I could check on the states of people looking at my blog. I save a hundred at a time but have 8700 + comments saved that I could check on.
    So, is there a reward for the first to document all 50 from the blogger's readers?
    If there is a reward I suggest that everyone start counting over again so we all have an even start.