Sunday, March 29, 2009

Until I return...


  1. I have become mesmerised already - may I stop wtching now? x

  2. Oh dear Mr Rhymes. Where are you going to? A veterans home for respite care - giving Mrs Rhymes some well-deserved time off? Just joking! I guess you're travelling some place. I'll call back during the week.

  3. How long before you return? My eyes hurt.

  4. riddle....sneaked into fourth blog middle on defunct putz blog,,good luck

  5. Hope it is for a good time....

  6. You guys (not gender-specific)! Your comments made me laugh in spite of myself

    jinksy - Yes, you may. You may also take three giant steps.

    YP - Not a veterans home, although I am definitely a veteran.

    Dr. John - I will be back at the old home place in two or three days. Probably won't write a new post until midweek. Thanks for asking.

    richies - At ease, soldier! Smoke 'em if you got 'em....

    Putz - Secret message found and understood. I left my thoughts in a comment there.

    Reamus - Not a good time, more a mission of mercy. But at least they have a computer.

  7. Flea (and what an interesting name you have), I am very impressed that you were able to take thousands of wedding photos and collect hundreds of wedding jokes and publish them all of the pictures and all of the jokes on your blog while staring at my post for the last four days without blinking!

    Talk about multitasking!