Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

On March 16th it was all about St. Urho over at the blog of Dr. John Linna, a son of Finland. Yesterday, March 17th, it was all about St. Patrick just about everywhere you went. Even Hoda Kotb on the Today show was all decked out in green. Hoda is Egyptian-American; I read that her surname was originally pronounced Ka-TUB, but now that she is co-hosting Today with Kathie Lee Gifford it is pronounced KOT-bee. Go figure.

And then there’s Maude, er, today, March 18th. Today it is all about me, Me, MEEEEEE!

What a difference a day makes! Especially March 18th, 1941. As David Copperfield (the fictional character, not the magician) once said, “To begin with, I was born.” If I hadn’t been, you wouldn't be reading this post right now. You might instead be reading one written by rhymeswithasparagus.

I have already given myself three birthday presents:

1. Mrs. RWP and I went out for breakfast.
2. On a worducopia post called “Famous First Lines” from last October that I just found this morning, I identified #70 as the opening sentence in The Violent Bear It Away by one of my favorite authors, Flannery O'Connor.
3. I decided to create this very post and include one of my favorite pop singers of yesteryear, Dinah Washington, singing one of my favorite songs, “What A Difference A Day Makes” with an introduction by -- would you believe it? -- a young Ronald Reagan! Some of the facts of Ms. Washington’s life related by the voice-over announcer (who is definitely NOT Ronald Reagan) later in the video, though, I could have done without...and it would have been nice to hear the whole song.

Neverthless, happy 68th birthday to me!

If you made it this far, here’s a little birthday bonus. Bea Arthur as the above-mentioned Maude singing “I Did It My Way”!

Except for the difference in gender, it could be the story of my life....

I hope you know I’m only kidding.


  1. Thanks for IDing the O'Connor quote for me. I hope the rest of your birthday is equally delightful!

    Ali (Worducopia)

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday, RWP! And, many more!

    Remember, you are not a year older, just one day older than you were yesterday.

  3. Well, well, well. Happy birthday to you Mr. RWP. I knew there was a good reason I kind of like you. My youngest daughter shares the same birthday as yourself. She turns 24 today. This is the magic age where she ages out of our health insurance and officially becomes an adult by dependent measures.

    So happy birthday to my Kelli and to you Bob.

  4. Happy, happy birthday
    May all your dreams come true

    - We wish it was our birthday
    so we could party too, hey!
    (courtesy of The Emperor's New Groove)

  5. Thank you for the correction to the archangel's name (my "I" is for Icon post.) Makes much more sense that it would be Gabriel. Your eagle eye is the only one (so far) that caught my error.

  6. Well, if I hadn't been recovering from aftershocks of my own 68th, I might have found out about yours earlier! Many Happy Returns! And you can gloat that you are MUCH younger than me! Has to be a plus...

  7. Belated birthday wishes to you! Sounds like you had pleasant hours turning 68. I'd not heard of Dinah Washington before....sorry to see she died so young.

  8. Thanks, all, for commenting.

    Ali - Welcome, first-timer! I hope you will come back often.

    Pat - That's a whole lot of yesterdays!!!

    Vonda - March is a good month all around.

    Tracie - Thanks for the good wishes and the cheesy poem!

    jinksy - MUCH younger! (gloat, gloat)

    Jeannelle - Well, I'm happy to have introduced you to Dinah Washington!

  9. So our birthdays are six months apart exactly. Well, 17 years and six months if you want to be picky.

    Sorry I missed this yesterday.