Friday, May 29, 2009

M’aidez! M’aidez!

Or, as we say on this side of the pond, HELP!!!

There is a minor glitch or problem or something funny (funny as in peculiar, not funny as in ha-ha) going on with the Live Traffic Feed thingy over there in the left margin of my blog, and I would appreciate any advice you can give. Until recently, if I clicked on “Options” in the Live Traffic Feed thingy and then on “Ignore my browser,” by golly, it worked and ignored my browser as advertised, meaning it did not add “Canton, Georgia” to the list every time I come to my own blog.

Lately, though, the LTF thingy seems to be suffering from short-term memory loss. Or maybe that should be long-term memory loss.

I am certainly not ashamed of being from Canton, Georgia, but I would prefer not to have the traffic counter fill up with multitudinous references to my place of residence. And I would prefer not to have to keep saying, “Ignore my browser” over and over. I would rather see a list of other people who have dropped by.

Several months ago, my son added a Local Area Connection icon on my desktop and I began “enabling” local area connection before signing on the Internet and “disabling” local area connection after leaving the Internet. As long as I used dial-up, my son said, this hadn’t been recommended because every time I signed on to the Internet back then I was using a different TCP/IP address. But after switching to high-speed Internet, if I understand it right, I now use a single TCP/IP address no matter when I sign on and therefore my desktop is more vulnerable to hacking, viruses, worms, and general nastiness because it is connected all the time. Having a Local Area Connection that can be disabled when I’m not using the Internet lessens the likelihood of getting zapped by the bad people in the world.

All went swimmingly for several months. Lately, however, every time I sign onto the Internet and go to my blog, the Live Traffic Feed thingy has started saying “Canton, Georgia” and I have to tell it repeatedly to ignore my browser. This never used to happen. If I told it to ignore me, it ignored me until I told it to stop ignoring me. Logging off now seems to reset the darned thing.

Nothing has changed at my end of things that I know of. I am one very confused blogger. If my browser is suddenly deleting cookies of some sort that I need, it must have started doing it on its own because I don’t remember telling it to do anything like that.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening or why? I will consider any reasonable suggestion, short of shutting down my blog, that fixes the problem.


  1. Aha! First to leave a comment on this post! But I can't help you with your Live Traffic Feed. Sorry old chap.

  2. YP - Thanks for dropping by, I think.

  3. I'm afraid I am blind and in the dark about such things. Nothing new though.

  4. Well, I don't know WHY it does it, but I can empathize, because that is what it has always done to me. I have to remind it at least once a day not to keep putting me on it. It's like having children around.

  5. You could try erasing the LTF copying the HTML code for it again and then reposting it on your sidebar. Sometimes the problem is with the LTF itself. I hope this helps.

  6. Sorry, can't help you.
    Stupid LTF. I've just noticed that I'm from Opende now?
    I'd rather be from Apeldoorn.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you will find the solution to your problem.

  7. Just as I suspected, none (or very few) of my blogosphere friends are technically competent. We should form a club....

    I suppose I COULD do what Loren Christie suggested and start over, but I would lose all those lovely hits.

    And Carolina, "I'd Rather Be From Apeldoorn" would make a great song or book title.

  8. Apeldoorn has a royal palace that is called, I kid you not: the Loo.
    Even Napoleon once lived in the Loo. It's a beautiful palace, worth a visit if you are ever in the neighbourhood ;-) however, has.....nothing to sing or write about.