Friday, May 1, 2009

A cause for concern -- but not for alarm

This interesting story just in.


  1. I think they are blowing the whole thing way out of proportion at this point. As long as the symptoms are mild, what does it matter who and how many come down with this virus? Their bodies will develop immunities and that will be a good thing for them. Probably many, many people have had this bug and simply thought it was a normal flu illness. Heck, my son had a sore throat and achiness the past few days and is now getting better. For all I know, it might have been this new flu. The school nurse took his temp and it was under 100 so she didn't send him home, but who knows really what it was. Our governor said if the new flu was found in Iowa he would declare a health disaster emergency, whatever that is. The whole thing seems ridiculous to me right now. Maybe it will turn into something horrible, but the signs don't exactly look that way yet. I keep praying that the illness will stay mild.

  2. Oh good Lord! A plague is coming! A rhymes with plague is coming! Take to the shelters! Bury your heart at wounded knee!

  3. i am not interested in the swine feul and this is about the third post you have had on it , missing the point and all, i would rather talk about polotics and why peple go to war, and why tiny tim was so audacious

  4. What ís the flu-situation like in the USA? Is everybody afraid?
    In the Netherlands everybody is keeping quite cool. I believe we have one confirmed case now, a three year old that had been visiting family in Mexico (not alone obviously) so his or her family have been given Tamiflu and all other passengers who were on that plane, but it hardly gets mentioned in the news anymore.

    But do you go around wearing those facemasks? That are of hardly any use, unless you have the flu and don't want to contaminate others.