Monday, August 15, 2011


Let me just hurry along with another post here as I don’t want to leave the one entitled “And on the seventh day, God went bowling” at the top of my blog too long, because on the blogs of people who have linked to me those words are repeated, and the way the universe works is if enough commotion is made about something it eventually will come to the attention of Almighty God Himself. That would not augur well for my continued existence or at least my status as His Fair-haired Child Who Can Do No Wrong.

However, I have nothing of note to say at this time so I will keep this post short and breathe a little prayer sigh of relief that it does its job, blogwise.


  1. I rather like the idea of an Almighty Being sending perfect hook balls down the Milky Way. I don't think He'd think that you were being disrespectful, Bob - just so long as you let Him win once in a while. x

  2. I'm sure He would have posted a comment if He'd been paying attention!

  3. "That would not augur well for my continued existence..."

    Good thing he's loving and forgiving, huh?

  4. Elizabeth, exactly!

    Shooting Parrots, ya think?

    Snowbrush, at least you are, and that counts.