Friday, August 26, 2011

I finally found a banjo of mass destruction (BMD)!

But not in Alabamistan.

At the movies.

Specifically, in the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? that we talked about yesterday.

Your Honor, I enter into the record Exhibit A (4:03).

I mean, what else would you call it but a banjo of mass destruction, given how the Hudson sisters, Blanche and Jane, turned out (2:20)?

Uh-oh. On closer inspection, Exhibit A might be said to contain a piano of mass destruction (PMD) as well. That hits a little too close to home. The jury will disregard this paragraph.

But most importantly, Your Honor -- and it should serve as a warning to all parents everywhere -- we intend to show that Exhibit A reveals a man who undoubtedly meant well, a man with talent, a man with a great deal of ambition, but -- when all is said and done -- a man who was actually a Daddy of mass destruction (DMD).

One other thing, Your Honor.

Any similarity between the Daddy in Exhibit A and yours truly is purely coincidental.

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