Monday, August 29, 2011

It’s Musical Monday I’m taking a little survey.

1. Which version of “P.S., I Love You” do you prefer:
....A. This one by Mel (The Velvet Fog) Torme (2:48) or
....B. This one by Billie Holiday (3:36)? Why?

2. Which version of “Someone to Watch Over Me” do you prefer:
....A. This one by Ella Fitzgerald (4:33) or
....B. This one by Amy Winehouse (4:37)? Why?

3. Which version of “Good Night, Irene” do you prefer:
....A. This one by Eric Clapton and friends (4:01),
....B. This one by Willie Nelson and friends (2:35), or
....C. This one by Johnny Cash (2:42)? Why?

4. Who do you think was higher during the making of the videos in question #3, Eric Clapton or Willie Nelson? On what substance? Audiences count.

5. Rank all seven artists from 1 to 7, with 1 being the artist you like most and 7 being the artist you like least.

It is against the rules to say you don’t like any of the artists.

Also, for your information, there is no such thing as Musical Monday. I made it up. Blogworld does have a Sepia Saturday and a Wordless Wednesday, though. No, I don’t know why. I have yet to find a Meatless Tuesday, but I keep looking.

If enough people like this little survey, we may do another one sometime.

HOLD THE PRESSES! I found Meatless Tuesday. Not my cup of tea. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


  1. Anything which says 'P.S. I love you' makes me blush! I should be so lucky...

  2. Oh Mr Brague? Was this my music homework sir? Well just to surprise you, I have done it this week!

    Q1 I definitely preferred Billie Holiday's version (B) - more edge to it - more gravelly, less produced, less "perfect".

    Q2 I preferred Amy Winehouse's version for much the same reasons as I gave for Q1. More "heartfelt".

    Q3 I preferred the Willie Nelson version. I always love his plaintive tones. They seem to connect with me better than either Clapton's voice or even Johnny Cash in this instance.

    Q4 Clapton was definitely higher than Nelson as Clapton is a taller man. On what substance? Leather soled shoes I should think.

    5. Thinking about the artistes in general...this is my personal order:-
    1) Willie Nelson
    2) Johnny Cash
    3) Eric Clapton
    4) Billie Holiday
    5) Amy Winehouse
    6) Ella Fitgerald
    7) Mel Torme

    May I go and play softball with the other dudes now?

  3. You do make us work, and on a Bank Holiday Monday too. However, here goes:

    1. Billie Holiday, no question. More blues, more heartfelt.

    2. A deadheat. Amy's version is surely an homage to Ella.

    3. If I had to choose, it would be Johnny Cash because he seldom did any wrong, musically at least.

    4. Hard to guess without knowing the recording venues and their altitude.

    Johnny Cash
    Billie Holiday
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Amy Winehouse
    Willie nelson
    Eric Clapton
    Mel Torme

  4. Thanks, as always, for reading my blog. Knowing that fact helps make my life worth living.

    Jinksy, you were supposed to listen, blushing or not, to all the selections and give your opinion! You get a zero for the day. I'll make that a 25 for your emotional involvement.

    Yorkshire Pudding, just about everything you do surprises me, including your answer to question #4. Good work.

    Shooting Parrots, good work also, but methinks both you and Yorkshire Pudding intentionally avoided answering question #4.

    Poor Mel Torme wound up at the bottom of everybody's (well, both of your) lists. The verification word is woite. Maybe he was too woite.

  5. i definetely like stevie wonder singing p.s. i love you the best and mel torme the best, no one of the best torch singers of all time, willie i love dearly but my family thinks he sounds like a dying cow

  6. Putz/Daniel, I can always count on you. Not only is Stevie Wonder not one of the choices, Stevie Wonder did not sing "P.S., I Love You." Stevie Wonder sang "I Just Called To Say 'I Love You'" as evidenced by this video, which has subtitles in Portuguese in case you ever feel like singing, "Eu só liguei prá dizer que amo você, e eu falo sêrio Do fundo do meu coração."

  7. My personal favorite of P.S. I love you was sung by The Divine Ms. M (Bette Midler) in the movie 'For the Boys'...circa 1990ish.