Friday, October 28, 2011

56 shopping days until Christmas

...and the main thing to remember is:

Christmas is not your birthday.

The inimitable Putz (and I mean that sincerely) and his family out in Utah perform the Christmas story in their home every year on Christmas Eve. This week he posted the script of his family’s delightful re-enactment (in three parts) on his blog for all the world to see. As an early incentive for your own observance of the holiday, I now present you with links to it them the three parts. If it is not exactly St. Luke’s version, I strongly suggest that, in keeping with the spirit of the season that all too soon will be upon us, you pretend not to notice.

Part 1 - the actual script of the barlow christmas pageant.

Part 2 - christmas is coming goose is getting fat.

Part 3 - continuation 3rd part, christmas story enhanced.

I find I do have one thing to say:

Thank you, Barlow family!

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