Monday, December 5, 2011

Get ready for your 15 minutes of fame

Listed below are the names, gender (if known), and location on planet Earth (if known) of the select subset of the species homo sapiens who have become followers of this rhymeswithplague blog. You are:

1. Frances Garrood (female, United Kingdom)
2. Punk Chopsticks (female, Malaysia)
3. ica (female, Jakarta, Indonesia)
4. Bimbing Adj (male)
5. aku lupa namaku (female, Bali)
6. susan t (female)
8. talita (female, Brazil)
9. an.hoyt
10. Julianne Chatelain (female)
11. Grace Nelson (female)
12. Sharad Kishore (male)
13. Harfis (male, Medan, Indonesia)
14. ankita lal (female)
15. True Crime Story: "Fighting the Devil" (Jeannie Walker, female, New York, USA)
16. Brackers (male, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
17. Mas Huri (male)
18. Theanne and Baron (female, Florida, USA)
19. HarFi$ KouMan (male, Medan, Indonesia)
20. Émile Couture
21. Harfis
22. Glenda (female, Southeast USA)
23. Talli Roland (female, London, UK)
24. Achi (male, Chungli, Taiwan)
25. Kasakin Alexey (male)
26. Denix (male)
27. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner (male, Kansas, USA)
28. Nathanael Fields (male)
29. cakapbisa (male)
30. Liberty Forrest (female, Northamptonshire, UK)
31. John Gray (male, Trelawnyd, Wales, UK)
32. Jewels (female, Ontario, Canada)
33. Masia Mum (female, London, UK and Ibi, Spain)
34. Brian (male, Tortosa en Catalonia, Spain)
35. Snowbrush (male, Oregon, USA)
36. Marinela Reka (female, London, UK)
37. babyuser_88
38. Crazed Nitwit (female, Seattle, Washington, USA)
39. Harper
40. Katherine DeChevalle (female, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand)
41. Nedine Says (female, USA)
42. tony (male, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK)
43. shadows (female)
44. bARE-eYED sUN
45. SIMPHONY (female, Argentina)
46. Brad the Gorilla (male, Seattle, Washington, USA)
47. mahouny,pacoss (a.k.a mahmout cinan, male, Turkey)
48. ahmed ishtiaque (male)
49. Buford Pickleberry (male, Des Moines, Iowa, USA)
50. Loren Christie (female, New York, USA)
51. penny (a.k.a. Penelope Smith a.k.a Jinksy, female, UK)
52. Pat - Arkansas (female, Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA)
53. Egghead (a.k.a Vonda, female, Oregon, USA)
54. Lula's daughter (female)
55. Carolina (female, Netherlands)
56. Richie (male, Mena, Arkansas, USA)
57. jhull8 (female)
58. jesik contreras (female, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia)
59. ВашаДаша (female, Саратов, Russia)
60. Mimi Foxmorton (female, Syracuse, New York, USA)
61. mukidmallick
62. Chris
63. leidy_a_h0313
64. prettycutiefab_sei
65. gavinboggitt (male?)
66. reneevizmanos (female?)
67. Hollie Thompson (female)
68. kiarasherwoood
69. eparfett-smith
70. anna martinez (female)
71. kapil4friend
72. alexislundgren (female)
73. Josimara lindinha
74. sswaroopa sanap
75. AmyLovesPandas
76. Ken (male)
77. Mirriam (female)
78. Angua.von.U
79. cathywicked (female)
80. A Lady's Life (female, British Columbia, Canada)
81. Jeannelle (female, Iowa, USA)
82. Pam (female, Georgia, USA)
83. (no identity whatsoever)

There are a few mysteries. If you are a sharp-eyed reader you will note that the sidebar says there are 86 of you, but I have been able to find only 83 of those little thumbnail photographs. Either Blogger is wrong or something is rotten in the state of Denmark-Blogstein. Some of you may have died (in which case, you are not reading this). Some of you who are still alive may have abandoned me long ago (in which case, you are not reading this). Some of you who are alive and who comment more or less regularly are conspicuous by your absence from the list. Some, like Buford Pickleberry and Brad the Gorilla, haven’t published a post of their own in two or three years.

I still miss Dr. John Linna of Neenah, Wisconsin. R.I.P., Dr. John.

All in all, you are a varied and diverse lot. And if some of you feel like enlightening me further concerning your gender or your whereabouts, I am interested in learning.

There is one other thing.

I salute you.

Photo circa 1930 from from Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis


  1. What a collection of followers you have! Put together their names sound like a list of the occupants of some rural sanatorium for the insane! Of course I am not a "follower", I'm a leader that's why I don't appear on your followers list. Also I am the sanest man alive. Is that a dagger that I see before me?

  2. Yorkmeister, why rural?

    I hope, for Blogland's sake, that that is not a dagger that you see before you....

  3. I'm on there somewhere, Bob;I just checked on my list and I'm definately connected to you, but I've noticed on my own box that, even apart from those who choose to follow anonymously, the list isn't always complete for some reason.

    I hope you saw my reply to your moving comment, which touched me to the very bottom of my heart, you lovely, lovely man. XXX

  4. I generally pop over to your blog a few times a week and leave a comment if I can think of something to say. However, you have shamed me into becoming official follower no. 88!

  5. What an honour to be (a) alive, (b) a follower, and (c) top of your list! Not sure whether you follow me, though ;(

  6. try as i i may, i cannot for the life of me follow you, you are ttooooo hard to follow

  7. Elizabeth, I thought you were in the list too, but I sure couldn't find your thumbnail photo. Blogger is very odd; for example, Shooting Parrots just became my follower and Blogger's total changed from 86 to 88.

    I did see what you wrote in reply to my comment, and I thank you for your kind words.

    Shooting Parrots, welcome! I have avoided joining a lot of sites, but I am going to have to reciprocate and become your follower too. I may just bite the bullet and go on a following spree.

    Frances, now you are even more famous than Putz thinks! See preceding comment.

  8. But you still haven't said why you're not my follower. Not that I'm hurt or anything. I'd just like to know. After all, Putz thinks I'm famous (mind you, he's not my follower either). Sigh.

  9. That is some list. I'm proud to be on there, even if it means I'm surrounded by insane inhabitants of a rural sanatorium. I like it here!

    Are you sure you don't have too much free time on your hands?


  10. did you see i was following the comment directly following frances, my most favoritist person ifin i was still in this drasted blog business

  11. Rural? That's because on both sides of the pond - during the nineteenth century - they built their asylums in quiet countryside on the edges of great cities. Out of sight, out of mind.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.