Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Putz is back, if only temporarily!

[Editor’s note. The following comment appeared on one of my recent posts. It is from our old friend Putz, who has stopped blogging. I decided to promote it from comment to full post status. With ruffles and flourishes, and wiping a tear from my eye, I give you, in all his Utarn glory...Putz. --RWP]

i really shoud blog this,><>we were having a wonderful christmas and last night's pageant was fabulous<<>> i was the christmas star this year<><>no lines to read, most of them read by our 5 year old, and then on today, yes christmas day we were at mike our son{barlow buzz} in gunnison for christmas day dinner where we supplied the ham, wonderful when all of a sudden my daughter ran in with her hearing dog<><>now you have to understand that she is unmarried and this is her companion><><><><>rthe dog had been ferously kicked by a pony<><><>head was kicked backwards on his head and was out like a light<><>><><>now us mormons are probably kooky because my daughter wanted me to bless this dog with concecrated oil whic i did and blessd him to heal quickly, when my daugher in law says, he has a broken neck, he cannot live for much longer<><><>well when the vet looked at him, and you can go to the bank on the truth of this<><><>he said there is a little spot on his face by his nose that is bruised but other than that there is nothing wrong with this dog<>><<>what about the neck and he said terriers have very flexable necks and 2 days later he is running around<>><>the head did not swell and that was the only thign the doctor said to look for<>><>so a christmas miracle<>>><><>also what vet would leave his family for a dog on christmas???????

[Editor’s note. Now that’s the old Putz I remember! What a great story! Doctors always attempt to explain away miracles, you know, especially Christmas ones...terriers have flexible necks, that’s a good one! --RWP]


  1. As the owner of a terrier, I can vouch for the flexibility of their necks. Ou dog, Jack, is quite capable of reaching a biscuit placed between his shoulders without resorting to skaing it off.

    Of course, we had to have specially kicked by a mule beforehand.

  2. Happy the K9 is OK! Christmas miracles are the best...I've known maybe one vet who would come out on Christmas to help a furry family member!

  3. Classic Putz, and a story with a happy ending. Thanks.

  4. Sh. P., T. and B., and P. - An Ark. Stmpr., this story of Putz's will chase away the end of year blahs.

  5. life keeps happening even though not blogging<><>this would have been a tradgedy because the only thing my daughter cares deeply for is her hearing dog who keeps her out of trouble as with the horse<><>he went after the horse to protect his charge, my dqaughter