Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Irrelevancy, Irschmelevancy, some people are just rude

...and perhaps too liberal for their own good, and apparently have never heard of the separation of church and state (British readers, it’s an American thing).

Here is a transcript of a portion of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program from yesterday, March 12th. It includes a video clip from this past Sunday’s CBS television program Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer. Mr. Schieffer’s guests on Face the Nation this week were Sally Quinn and Carl Bernstein. They were discussing the Catholic Church’s current gathering of cardinals in Rome to elect a new pope. I found Rush Limbaugh’s comments very interesting.

You are free to form your own opinion, of course, but as far as I’m concerned, it is people like Sally Quinn and Carl Bernstein who are on the way to irrelevancy.

And Rush Limbaugh and I are not even Catholic.

But our mamas raised us right.

You want irrelevant? It’s the girl in this cartoon video, which was produced by Lutherans trying to be funny and yet making a point.

I probably don’t need to point out that Cartoon Girl is a wickedly accurate portrayal of women like Sally Quinn. It’s all satire, of course.

Of course.


  1. Forget William Wordsworth or Walt Whitman, e.e.cummings or Percy Shelley for I am now the poet laureate of Canton, Georgia! What a boost to my ego to see that wistful poem in your sidebar. Thank you.

  2. And what a beautiful poem it is.

  3. Yorkshire Pudding, you're quite welcome, sir.

    Elizabeth, isn't it, though?

  4. Bob, have I missed your birthday?

  5. Elizabeth, no, you have not! In fact, you're right on time. It's just that we're several hours behind you over here in the former colonies. My birthday post will be coming up in about an hour. And thank you for remembering!