Sunday, June 9, 2013


We will now take a little break from listening to the world’s best-known Tuvan throat-singer and turn to something a little less startling more familiar.

My French blogger-friend, Vagabonde, who lives just a few miles away from me in Marietta, Georgia, has put together a lovely post of scenes from her travels on three continents. It includes a sunset in Alaska and glimpses into a few of the cities she has visited, like Oslo and Vienna and Paris and Cairo and Tunis and Atlanta and New York and Los Angeles. She ended her post with a poem by Andree Chedid (1920-2011) called “Le Chant des Villes” (The Song of Cities), including an English translation if you need one, and a wonderful painting called Paris seen from the roof tops by Robert Ricart (1948- ).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vagabonde’s post.

I know those roof tops are in Paris, not London, but somehow that painting reminded me of this (2:57).

A little karaoke never hurt anybody.

Enjoy this little divertissement while you can.

The Tuvan throat-singing may resume at any moment.


Hilltophomesteader said...

Fabulous pictures - my own view greatly resembles the Old World countryside. Relate to the poem, I did not. I appreciate the city only for the necessities of life that I cannot find here on my farm and for the beauty of old architecture. Masses of people horrify me and traffic as well.
I love Julie Andrews & Dick VanDyke in Mary Poppins so the song was ok.
I dutifully I spared any more punishment of 'throat-singing'? How about 'goat-singing' at milking time.....or 'boat-singing' while fishing or even 'moat-singing' while viewing pictures of wonderful old castles...See, we can punish you, too ;-)

rhymeswithplague said...

Hilltopetc., as I do not have access to goats, boats, or moats, I look forward to your posts about goat-singing, boat-singing, and moat-singing.