Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We spare no expense to bring you...

...the finest entertainment available in show-biz today (2:36).

You’re welcome.

Those Russian words under the video, “Танец, ломающий мозги” mean “Dance, breaking brains” according to Google Translate.

I’m not sure, but perhaps a better translation would have been “a mind-boggling dance”....

Because it certainly is.


  1. richies, my sentiments exactly! Good to hear from you.

  2. Somewhat disturbing, rather riveting, most definitely entertaining. Poor Mr. RWP. I do think you should move to a farm, milk a few goats, can some pineapple and read a good book. Then these 'alternative' sources of entertainment will not so readily overtake you.....Unless....could it be that Mrs. RWP is actually one of those dancers???? ;-)

  3. Hi there, Hilltophomesteader, up after midnight are we? (Or maybe the 12:18 AM tag is Eastern time zone, which would be, let's see, only 9:18 PM in Pacific time zone, making my question nonsensical and superfluous....)

    Actually, I grew up in the country in Texas on three acres (my dad worked at an aircraft factory near Fort Worth). On one side of us was a 40-acre farm and on the other side was a ranch of several hundred acres. The smaller place had pigs and goats and a few dairy cattle and one large Brahma bull. The larger place had many, many head of Hereford beef cattle which frolicked and came right up to our fence. We had chickens and, for a while, a horse and a pig, also a lot of fruit trees and a half-acre vegetable garden. I have milked a goat in my day, and helped can a number of things (but never pineapple), and watched my dad kill chickens for us to eat. I definitely have read a lot of good books. Currently I am in the midst of The Best American Short Stories of 2003.

    No, Mrs. RWP is not one of those dancers, but thank you for asking.

  4. Oh Comrade Bob, don't those crazy Russians know how to have fun! Your growing interest in Russian life and culture could land you a prime role with the CIA...unless of course you are a "red under the bed"!

  5. Silly Pudding, I mean silly Pudding, I certainly don't have a "growing interest in Russian life and culture" and what color I may or may not be under, on, or over the bed is none of your business! I'm just sayin'...
    /signed/ RWP a.k.a. The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

  6. What about the Tuva posts? I know your denial is driven by the knowledge that Big Brother is tracking all of our emails and internet activities. Do you wear a leopard skin leotard on the trapeze? (Coded message)

  7. Comrade Pudding, Tuva is not Russia. Tuva is Tuva. I said I was Daring. Leopard skin is passé, definitely old-school. I also said I was Young. One out of two ain't bad.