Sunday, August 12, 2018

What if... Bonnie didn’t lie over the ocean?

...everywhere that Mary went the lamb did not want to go? could check out anytime and leave whenever you liked?

...auld acquaintance were never forgot and always brought to mind?

...Nellie doesn’t wait till the sun shines?

...that doggie in the window isn’t for sale?’s not a small world after all? take the high road and I take the low road and I’m not in Scotland afore ye?

...I won’t take you home again, Kathleen?

...mares and does didn’t eat oats and little lambs didn’t eat ivy?

...Jimmy cracked corn and I cared quite a bit?

...not all of us go out to meet her when she comes?

...I loved thee but I didn’t try to count the ways?


  1. ... there isn't fire where there's smoke?

    ... none of the clouds have silver linings?

    ... RWP didn't write one of the most interesting blogs?

    1. You came up with a couple of good ones, Emma,. And thank you for the compliment too!

  2. What if? If the world was like that with all those old certainties shattered then we would be in big, big trouble. Good Lord - it doesn't bear thinking about!

    1. YP, we might not be in big trouble but we would definitely not have some wonderful poems and songs.