Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dit kleine meisje is verbazingwekkend!

...or, as we say in English, this little girl is amazing!

Amira Willighagen, 9 years old, appeared on Holland's Got Talent in 2013. She seemed normal in every way until she began to sing.

Listen to her sing "O mio babbino caro" (7:50) and you'll think she is verbazingwekkend too.

One judge said Amira had the soul of Maria Callas. He may be right. Here is Maria Callas singing the same song (2:09). Puccini's aria is in Italian, of course, but since this post has a more international flavor than my usual ones, Miss Callas's rendition includes a translation in French.

We aim to please.


  1. Wonderful! It was a Susan Boyle moment but Amira's voice is more pure and she was only nine. Thank you for sharing this Bob.

  2. I can remember seeing this at the time. Yes, she has a truly amazing voice, but I hope she gets to sing some more age appropriate songs too. It worried me then, it worries me still.
    Yes I know, there are bigger issues to concern me...

  3. Gave me goose bumps ( as you would say - we would say goose pimples )

  4. Wow, what a voice. I agree with the judge who said she had an old soul. And I love to listen to the Dutch language in any case - even the English subtitles had an accent!

  5. I had not heard this wonderful singing before. She is a prodigy for sure – such talent at 9 years old. I also enjoyed watching Maria Callas and read the French subtitle – the aria is not a fun one – she wants to die … Your blog has quite an international flavor.