Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's May Day, and there may be faeries at the bottom of Yorkshire Pudding's garden (he said so himself)

...but something else is at the bottom of mine.

There, just past the rocks. Let's have a closer look, shall we?


Yes, there definitely are -- or more accurately, there soon will be...

...BLACKBERRIES at the bottom of our garden!

To commemorate this most auspicious occasion -- also known as spring -- I invite you to watch Beatrice Lillie, Yorkshire Pudding's favorite singer, performing "There Are Faeries At The Bottom Of Our Garden" (4:56) from The Ed Sullivan Show some time during the 1950s.


  1. Yum.
    Blackberry pie. Blackberry jam. Blackberries on their own. Picking them was always fraught with danger though. Not (so much) from the thorns but from the snakes which frequently lived under them.

  2. Sue, in all the years we have lived in this house (13), I have seen only one small snake that was about nine inches long. What does live in the hill behind the blackberries is a groundhog family and some rabbits. But I hear you loud and clear about snakes under berry bushes -- encountered copperheads on more than one occasion while picking dewberries on our old home place in Texas. One time we even found one curled up on the folded sheets off the clothesline IN THE WICKER BASKET ON THE BACK PORCH (oh, and scorpions in the drinking glasses in the kitchen cabinets too).

  3. Yes, the blackberry bushes are blooming all over Georgia just now! Nice photo of the flower.

  4. The YouTube video actually says "Faries" in the title - missing out the vital third letter. You are going to drive me mad by posting ditties by Beatrice Lillie. Is that your cunning plan? If so, I surrender!

    P.S. In Yorkshire we always refer to blackberries as brambles.

  5. I’m with Pudding about the spelling of faeries. It should be a word of beauty and mystery, and to leave out the middle “e” makes it into the equivalent of toilet paper. Conan Doyle really hurt his reputation by believing in ghosts, but when he added faeries to the mix, he became a laughing stock. I must say though that he took his ill-treatment with dignity. I think I might have told you that there’s a clip of him talking on Youtube. He’s just what I thought he would be.